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Coca leaf tea is great👍


Yeah, I plan to get a copy too. I’m actually off to the Kiso Valley next weekend on the 18-kippu. Nothing strenuous, just part of the Nakasendo.



It has started, hey? :joy:


You mean escaping the kids? :sweat_smile:


Ah, I see the motive now. Ha.

Actually, I am at the point where I have to start including the little fella in my adventures. And if I don’t lose this fat gut I am carrying, he will soon lose interest. I have enjoyed the ‘kid free’ mountain adventures in recent years, but they are almost over. I still think I have a small window to attack Aconcagua, though. I am even thinking of starting a thread on Blitz re: this project/adventure dream of mine.


Wadi Rum.
Popular movie backdrop I’m told


After three days in the vast undulating archeological wonderland of Petra my calves are tighter than Cale Hooker’s but the bucket list item is ticked off. Deliberately organised the hol so we’d reach Petra late and it paid off.

The magnificent Treasury is really the gateway to Petra, which will come as news to the many tour groups who get 15 minutes to pee and pic there and then get herded back.

My better half splits the big sticks (or in this case obelisks)

Tomb raider

Like the Grampians riddled with ancient ruins, tombs and temples. And touts of course.


Even in La Paz Bolivia it’s Essendon time


I don’t get it. Are the flags our new clash jumper?


Is it the backwards clock?


Still planning this trip. Now aiming for 2.5 weeks in the window between New Year & Chinese NY (25 Jan).

Thinking it might be good to get to Laos before the Chinese fast train in 2021 & the over-damming on the Mekong & tributaries. Specifically, I’m looking at around 3 days in BKK, then either:

  1. Fly to Chiang Rai for a couple of days, take the slow boat along the Mekong to Luang Prabang & hang there for 4-5 days before flying back via BKK.
  2. Fly to Luang Prabang & use it as a base with a side trip up the Nam Ou river to Nong Khiaw for a couple of days before flying back via BKK.

Also have some amigos who loved it down south around Pakse & 4000 islands.

Laos ring any bells?


I’ve seen that movie


We were there in Oct 17 and it’s gorgeous as you know. A couple a points based on one 2 and half week hol.
Luang Prabang was great for a few days but it’s charms wore quickly for mine, hyper buddhist touristy.
Enjoyed our days in Nong Khiaw much more and it’s a good base for trips to places like Muong Ngoi where we saw lots of backpackers decamping for community visits. Mind you, I don’t think you can travel directly to Nong Khiaw by boat anymore due to the dams- think you can go half way but then have to get a bus round. The local buses are famously uncomfortable, to which I can attest but we shared a private mini bus with some NZers we met on the way back which was so much better and quicker.
I think it was the Nam Ou up there and I can tell you it is now a bit fetid and muddy and more like a lake than a river in its movement because we spent 2 or 3 hours canoeing- still interesting but not at all like it was according to our hotel owner.


Thanks for the reply. Interesting that you preferred Nong Khiaw over Luang Prabang.

Yes, from what I’ve read its usually bus of some sort to NK these days, but I think boat along the Nam Ou may still be the only option to Muong Ngoi.

Do you think around 5 days for LP? This would allow for Kuang Si falls, Pak Ou caves, maybe a cooking class, ethical elephants & a bit of zip-lining and / or r&r. Plus 3 nights / 2 days for NK?

Did you do, or hear any opinions on, the slow boat along the Mekong from the Thai border? I’m keen, but wonder if it might be a bit monotonous for our 15 YO?


The caves and the falls were really good so I guess 5 days would be fine. Maybe I expected something a little less commercial in LP and it threw me a bit.
We definitely took the boat up to Muong Ngoi , lovely river ride. Don’t know about the Mekong slow boat.


It’ll be that or somewhere in Thailand I think.


Don’t get me wrong LP is still an attractive town.


Seen much of Thailand? Haven’t been since the 90s…


There were heaps of families on the slow boat and whilst I enjoyed it it was a looooooong journey. Be aware that on the first day you will dock at Pak Beng for the evening and will be greeted by touts looking to bargain with you for accommodation (there are no hotels)
The boat got very warm so try to sit near the front for a breeze. The engines are loud and you are allowed to smoke in the rear seats also


Only Bangkok which is great if you avoid the shopping malls and stick to the older parts. IMO anyway. Ferry rides are great.