Travel Thread


Yes. Was told this govt building and clock were recently unveiled after renovation in front of a large crowd at an official ceremony. Crowd collectively went Oooow! Must have been hilarious.


Interpretation of Essendon based on the clock - a countdown to suceess or going backwards?
Cryptic I admit.


Has the excellent look of the Thank God It’s Friday menus been mentioned here?


completely unrelated to me collecting money for the Blitz Player Sponsorships…… :stuck_out_tongue:

I just booked a trip to Antarctica :smile:


Looking fwd to the pics & trip report


if it’s anything like my last training report…

“Cold. Few penguins. Lots of ice”


Fantastic. That is still very high on the bucket list but might have to do it solo as Mrs Ace doesn’t have sea legs and throws up on the Manly ferry let alone several days going around the horn


Watch out for those Antarcticans though.


Just been hiking the Nakasendo trail in central Japan for two days, covered 25km total with snowfall one day (Magome to Tsumago), and plenty underfoot doing the Torii Pass (Narai to Yabuhara). Both walks great and no bears thanks to my superior bell ringing.
After all that, as I made my way unscathed to the station I slipped on some icy steps and twisted my knee. Here are a few iPhone pics. Much better pics on my Nikon 7200 which I can’t upload now, but thankfully are fine after I whacked it on the ground in my tumble, smashing the lens protector filter and denting it into my Sigma lens. Good times.


Halfway between Magome and Tsumago, a sole house with an old man who gives you hot tea and a place to take a break:



Summer or winter time?


Summer of course, I don’t want to get cold :wink:


This is a top seller in Lima Peru


First day in Tokyo, sampling Yona Yona Beer Works after nearby gardens/national park. Cherry blossoms out. Good start!


Anyone been to Fiji and HAMILTON Island that could say which ones best for family holiday?


My brother has done both in the last 12 months with his wife and 2 kids and recommends Fiji. He said the prices are far cheaper in Fiji and has more activities for kids with many resorts having kids clubs. He said meals on HI were terribly expensive. He did say the beaches at both were a little underwhelming but Fiji has some decent ones on the outlying islands.



What part did they go or is the best?

We did the Warwick on the southern coast, and it was a long drive from the airport. Hotel was about 4 star. Don’t want to simply go back there, but it’s also a great price, all inclusive.


They stayed at the Outrigger Resort which is about an hour South of the airport


Anyone in Sydney for the game going for a drink before the bounce tommorow!?



You’re a good man DJ (I was waiting for/expecting a few flame posts)