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I’ve done both and Fiji is better for kids. The kids clubs are great everywhere and cheap or free (depending on your resort). The Fijian people look after your kids like they are their own.

There’s plenty of options relatively close to the airport in Fiji which are kid friendly. Denerau island in particular has a number of resorts all of which cater for kids. As ace says the beaches there (and generally on the main island) aren’t much chop but HI isn’t significantly better.




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Organising the flights to Southern Italy, Sicily and Malta, we’re finding ourselves with the prospect of a longish (11-12 hours) layover at Rome airport.

Bearing in mind that all the main tourist sites of Rome are covered in the tour, any suggestions for something to do for the day. End of October - flight arrives 9.20am, leaves at 8.45pm.


There are some half decent beaches around Ostia and the town itself is ok to wander around. If you are into ruins like I am then Ostia Antica is a must. About 40 minutes by bus or 15 minutes by taxi from the airport and there is some brilliantly preserved ruins that you could easily spend all day wandering about


Trying to figure out transfers between Singapore to Legoland and then Legoland to Sentosa. Should we go price or convenience?

Private car is about $1100, bus is $350. But bus we need to get from our hotel to the stop and then on the way back we need to get from there to Sentosa and our hotel. Private car is obviously direct. We’ll have a 4yp and 10month old


Hey that sounds very expensive. We are off to Legoland this weekend. We have booked a private car - S$100 each way from Singapore. Happy to PM the company details if needed.

For the Sentosa leg my suggestion would be just to get a cab. Will you be bringing child seats? An alternative is Grab (Uber of Asia) who should offer cars with car seats.


Those prices seem very high. Should only be about $100-120 each way by private transfer and this would definitely be my option with little ones


We aren’t bringing car seats, what are the rules around them? Are they easily available? We would definitely prefer them


Thanks Aceman. I knew that if anyone had any good ideas, it would be you…not any of these Sicilian/Calabrian types we have here.


In taxis you don’t need car seats. We have gone very lax and don’t use any. But our kids are only normally in cabs for reasonably short rides and not every day. I am sure you could probably hire them although they would be expensive. Therefore I would look at the family options for Grab around Singapore, ie getting to Sentosa. For the Legoland transfer I assume the private hire companies will be able to provide seats - I will send you the name we are using.


I am spending two weeks in Spain in early May; first in Barcelona and then at a golf resort near Barcelona at Sitges.

Have never been to Barcelona before, so any tips on what to do and where to go ?


Ignoring Sagrada Familia and Barcelona Cathedral, there are lots of touristy things.

Barre Gotico - where you can still set bullet holes from the Civil War
Las Ramblas and the famous market, la Boqueria
Parc Guell - a Gaudi creation
Montjuic Castle whereCatalan leader Lluis Companys was executed by Franco forces
Poble Espanyol - which covers all 17 provinces
Passeig de Gracia - which has some famous Gaudi houses

And beware of pickpockets, particularly around La Rambla


Well, in that case go to Scampia in Naples. Look it up and tell me what you think.


What’s that? Scampi in Neapolitan ice-cream?

Might be a struggle to get from Fiumincino to Naples and back in 9 hours…and still have time to do something.



Is your tour going to Castel Sant’Angelo? It’s near the Vatican, but it seems to often not be mentioned.


Connected with the pope, so don’t care.


Are you departing internationally from FCO?
If so allow plenty of time as customs can be a PITA. As a rule we usually allow a good 3 1/2 hours when departing from Rome


Singapore to Legoland best options are:

Private car. Cost should be under $200 for the whole day return.

Malaysian taxis can take for from Queen St. they should be able to bring you back but just make sure beforehand.

$1000 is insanity and someone is ripping you off.

Obviously don’t forget passports but sunscreen is the other thing. Legoland can get pretty hot.

I live in Singapore so sing out if you have other questions.

Oh… I haven’t gone on the bus, but the coaches are usually pretty good.