Travel Thread


@hambo introduced me to a cool bar in Shimokitazawa (called Mother’s Ruin). It is also renowned for its underground music (rock, punk, etc) scene.


Anyone got suggestions for lightweight, washable, quick-drying shirts and jocks for o/s travels? Probably a couple of long-sleeve and 3 or 4 polos and half-a-doz pairs of Reg’s.

I’m sick of hunting out laundries and/or trying to wash clothes and they don’t dry.

Weather - Southern Italy in October.


Wear lightweight wool and you don’t need to carry half-a-dozen (!) shirts…


10 days until our Japan trip and I am pumped. 6 days in Tokyo and 6 in Osaka with 2 kids under 7 will be interesting in the middle of Golden Week.

Will miss Anzac Day but if we lose and your overseas I don’t think it counts.


Just sayin…


Avoid buses (if you can). Stick with trains to get around. The traffic jams during Golden Week are insane. Enjoy your trip.


Ah, travel.

Going to Beijing. The “S” in Qantas stands for Sydney, because that is mostly who they care about. So going from WA means getting the midnight flight out, arriving in SYD at 6:30 am.

It is now 4:30 pm. After a series of drip-feed announcements of one hour delays, they now say the plane will not take off till 9pm, arriving 9 hours after scheduled time.

Another 4.5 hours to wait until boarding. Hotel booking $ lost. Full day work ahead after 7 am arrival.

But at least I get to catch up on all the Blitz threads in the meantime.


Has your company got a policy with Qantas or it just fits your schedule better?
Id be going Cathay personally, often cheaper and the time you waste heading to Sydney you would almost be in HKG. Far better quality also


Yeah, I know, I usually go CZ to China, but I booked this flight to qualify for P1. It certainly does not fit the schedule better, but I will get a Platinum pass to give to my daughter. At least I have a good view of SYD from the lounge, unlike the poor bastards stewing for 10+ hours at the gate.


Personally I like the Under Armor polos, specifically in their golfing range.




Ta…but seem pricey. Checked on Amazon.


They aren’t the cheapest but they dry super quick, are iron free and rather comfortable. I’ve picked up when Rebel has their 30% off sales.


Ta again…I’ll keep an eye out on Rebel.

Not Rebel Wilson, mind you. She’s as funny as a fart in a phonebox.

Edit…so happens there’s a 30% off Under Armour sale on at the moment. Still $63 a pop.


Cathay would also earn you pretty much the same amount of status credits as Qantas for qualifying and is a shorter and more comfortable flight from Perth.


Yes I know about CX and did that before CZ but am doing this route this once due to Qantas’ DSC offer. That would not apply flying CX.


Yeah the stingy mugs changed it to QF metal only on this DSC period. There was a couple last year that let you take codeshares including Emirates but I’ve noticed in all the latest ones they have canned that. Another DSC period this week for OS travel only on Qantas but won’t be taking it up, cheaper to do a status run in Asia if I need SC’s.
At least you have a great lounge to tide you over :grinning:


Yep, second best in the Qantas domain.

EK’s Dubai FC lounge is still best I have ever been in.


Cathay’s Pier F lounge at HKG is also top notch


Agree the trains are excellent. We did get a bus though, from Yamanakako to Tokyo direct, which took around the same time as the alternative bus/train option and was MUCH cheaper. I guess between major hubs the train is always going to be the better option.