Travel Thread


About 8 months ago we got in after midnight so that definitely helped.


Anyone been to Mauritius? Heading there for work soon.


Stunning. Our hotel was a few blocks away when we stayed there so wifey and I would sit across the river in the evenings and take in the view.

Such a shame…



Don’t think I seen him , some how I’ve managed to leg it home once sun goes down beer street time


Your gonna love beer st. I hope the cops come while your there, you will know what I mean if it happens :sunglasses:


Looking at the footy, I think we should stay in Japan, cos its working…


Hoian put 100 Bia in fridge I on my way :slightly_smiling_face:


Cops were there last night for a bit and had to sit inside lol


Thats the one. Cracks me up everytime. Once we were actually locked inside the bar, it was truly awesome.


Looking at these great deals for China
How do you go about Visa’s or does the company fix them for you


A travel agent can handle or you can save some money and do it yourself.
Can apply online and I think you then need to finalise at the Chinese embassy (if you’re in Melbourne).


Go to


Most tour operators won’t do it.
There are mobs online that do it but far easier to do it yourself or get someone to lodge it for you. My parents live only an hour or so from Canberra so I just post it to them, they lodge it it and it’s ready in a few days normally


You can get your visa at 570 St Kilda Road. It takes 4 working days and costs $109.50 for a single entry visa. You can also have it posted for an additional $22


Yum! Followed your excellent advice above. Been looking fwd to Okonomiyaki all trip & finally enjoyed one tonight in some rando joint on Dotonbori. It was great…

Last day in Japan tomorrow. Daughter wants to go shopping for vintage clothes again (she already picked up some gear in Harajuku & a pair of Docs in Kyoto, but she probably deserves it after smashing the Kumano Kodo hike). Is it Amerikura & Orange Street we should be looking at?


That’s great to hear, glad you enjoyed it!

When you get time, I’d love to hear about the hike.

Definitely Amerika-mura for vintage stuff. You could even drift north of Nagahori-dori into Minamisenba, or its an easy jump west over Yotsubashi-suji into Horie with Orange Street. Horie is a bit more stylish local brands than vintage I think but is worth a wander.


I’ll get some pics together & report on the hike in a few days.


OK, back home now. Enjoyed the Kumano Kodo hike. We did a self-guided group departure with Raw Travel as I was happy to outsource the logistics. Did the Nakahechi route over 8 days - days 1 & 8 were travel days to Kii Tanabe & from Kii Katsuura, day 5 was a rest day in Hongu, so only 5 days actual walking with the usual first day of 17km split over two. So we kinda eased into it. The last day (Ogumotori-goe section) was relatively demanding with steep elevation gain of +1260m and elevation loss of -960m. We are pretty strong on the ups, but cautious on the downs. The walk ended at the iconic Nachi temple & falls. Accommodation was in Minshuku, so futons, onsens and traditional food for B, L & D. Environment was generally wooded hills with occasional viewpoints & lots of shrines. So not exactly the Himalaya, but still enjoyable. Hit me with any q’s. Some pics -


Thanks for sharing Gnik, the pics are fantastic. I tossed up between heading to Nachi or hiking the Nakasendo last month and went with the latter. I’ll definitely have to try this next time.

How many kms would you have hiked all up doing that?