Travel Thread


We did -
Takijiri-oji to Takahari 4 kms (easy)
Takahari to Tsugizakura-oji 13 kms (not bad)
Tsugizakura-oji to Hongu 21.5 kms (2nd toughest day)
Rest day Hongu
Ukekawa to Koguchi 13 kms (easy)
Koguchi to Nachisan 14 kms + detour (toughest day)

So 65-70 kms all up including various detours.
Be prepared for plenty of sharp ups & downs.
But no snow for us!


Cheers, I’ll take note of that itinerary when I plan to go there.
Any Sakura at that time? I notice Yoshino peaked till around the 16th this year.


The occasional blossoming tree in the villages we walked thru, but not a significant highlight.


Currently in Singapore. It’s great but I have no idea how anyone could live here. The heat and humidity are killing me!

Miss 4 is just loving all the waterparks and the pool though.


Yeah, we love the place but the heat and humidity can be a bit much at times. Wonderful place for kids though and they really cater for tourists. I will be going through there in a few weeks time, not staying this time but have 5 hours transit time so keen to check out the new Jewel at Changi


Have any Blitzers been to the different islands in Hawaii?

Which is the most beautiful Island? Not really into shopping/nightclubs etc


I’ve been to Kauai, Oahu, Maui and Hawaii.

Kauai is spectacular…Waimea Canyon, Na Pali coast, but best seen by helicopter.

Maui…Lahaina, road to Hana, Io valley

Hawaii…volcano fields, Kona coast (expensive coast)

Oahu…Waikiki, Punchbowl, Pearl Harbour, Waimea coast…heaps of Japs.


Kauai for mine.

Did a brilliant hike starting at Ke’e Beach to the Hanakapiai Falls and had a swim under the falls. Highly recommend.

We took a cruise along the Na Pali Coast and enjoyed food and drinks along the way. I think @Mackster - went on a kayak adventure along there. That would be the best way, IMO.


Only just seen your post, so not sure if you have been and returned. A nice day trip would be to catch the train from Termini to Orvieto - beautiful hill top town about an hour from Termini. Have a look on Google. A most awesome cathedral there!! and the underground caves.
You could catch the Leonardo Express from the airport to Termini and then the train to Orvieto.


Any advice on where to stay (areas & hotels) in Bangkok & Luang Prabang?
@GRR @Aceman

And what to do from / in Luang Prabang? For substantial side-trips I’m thinking Nong Khiaw / Muang Ngoi for three nights and the Elephant Conservation Centre in Sayaboury as an overnight. And for day trips, probably the Green Jungle zip line & rope way, and I guess the usual caves, waterfalls & cooking classes.


@Vanders_18 - Kauai also for mine.
Been there 3 times - old fashioned Hawaii.

The Na Pali kayak trip is spectacular but you need to be well organised and capable.
Otherwise do the hike and spend a few nights in the valley.
It says you need a permit but they are pretty lax at checking.

Waimea Canyon is also spectacular.

You can download an ebook that takes you to all the good places.


Thanks, but ■■■■ cathedrals. I’ve done Spain and Poland recently. Cathedrals can tongue my butt.

Ostia Antica brings back memories of my Latin studies.


Agree with above posts re Hawai.

But I suggest Molokai. It is unspoilt, has very few tourists and really is what other Hawaii islands would have been like 50 years ago. Kauai is over-run with tourists by comparison.

So if you like low key and relatively unspoilt destinations, that is what I would recommend. [I posted a pic in the ? thread, and there was also one of the Hawaii senator there posted in the US Politics thread].


I’ll pm you some specifics but in general I found Bangkok’s older sector fascinating and the commercial sector depressingly soulless, but I hate all shopping centres. Loved the hop on and off ferries, cheap way to get around and commune with the locals. I also think I agree with the view that the Thais are amongst the most attractive people in the World. Laos was great but get ready to be annoyed at the effect of dams on the rivers. We took a local van from Luang Prabang to Nong Khiaw and it was packed and extremely uncomfortable. It’s worth paying more and hiring a private van. We were rescued by 3 NZers who had booked a van on the way back and split the fare 5 ways, worth every penny.


The shopping centres and their air conditioning are there for a few minutes of relief during a walk…


I’ve lived here for more than 10 years. Took a few years to adjust to the heat… even then it still trashes you.

Boomerang at Boat Quay or Robertson Quay the best place to watch the footy if you are looking for somewhere


In Sentosa ATM but thanks. Don’t think we’re missing much!


Friends in Singapore years ago used to say every forecast was Max 34 Min 34 with 95-100% humidity


Been in Barcelona for nearly a week and @Alan_Noonan_10 said previously it is a wonderful city.

I have walked about 50 km in the past 4 days and I am still finding new wonders.


If you like a decent coffee, seek out Cafes el Magnifico in El Born.