Travel Thread


Actually found reasonable coffee in a number of places but will try to find the one you suggest.

We go to Sitges on Tuesday which we were told is the Gay capital of the Mediterranean. I will try to confirm !


Don’t know about Stiges but Sant Miquel beach in Barcelona is a famous gay beach.


It seems the global rule of middle seat on the plane, gets the arm rests.


Never officially goes above 34 degrees as the construction workers get to down tools at 35…


I miss the smell of the tatami mats. The feel of it as it gently massages your feet as you walk around.


It’s been extremely hot and humid the past few weeks. You do acclimatise though. Really noticed how much better our daughters handled the heat back in Australia over Christmas compared to their cousins.

Are you still in Singapore? We had an amazing storm last night in River Valley.


Let me know when you’re heading to Boomers next for a Bombers match. I was at Robbo Quay for the Lions match, but haven’t been around since. I’m also out this Friday - we have booked tickets to the Sunset Cinema on Sentosa.


Yeah, still in Sentosa, doing, not much :smile: That was the plan for the last bit of the trip. We leave tomorrow night. Has been raining all day!


Hope you’ve managed to enjoy your visit despite the heat. Did you get to Legoland?


Yes! The 4yo had an absolute ball at Legoland! The resort is also ridiculous (in the best kind of way!).


It is awesome. Did you stay at the hotel? The rooms were so cool for the kids.


The waterpark at Sentosa is awesome for kids as well if you haven’t checked that out.


Anyone ever done cruises through the Panama Canal?
Any must-visits? I’ve always heard Cartagena on the Caribbean coast of Colombia is essential.

I’m also looking at a cruise from Chile (San Antonio) to Buenos Aires - along the Chilean fjords, round Cape Horn and on Tierra del Fuego.


I was in Cartagena in March. Thoroughly recommend the old city.


Yes. We randomly picked a pirate theme last November and pirates has been her obsession in the last few months. Parent win!


Went today, even though miss 4 and miss 11mo we’re too short for most things they had a ball. The free pirate ship one has closed down apparently


Singapore is a stickler for rules! The pirate ship was great but they had an ‘over 12’ rule for that one anyway… drove my kids nuts seeing it but not able to walk the plank!


Did you go to the one by the beach that is free? It’s at Palawan Green. Would be perfect for the 4yr old. The actual major water park on Sentosa is a poorer version of the Legoland waterpark and not super good for kids at the ages you have.


Score! So much fun for the kids. The lego in the foyer, the disco is the lifts and even the lego packaged toothbrushes which are still getting a good run in our house.


Just got back from 2 weeks in Japan with the kids and it was great fun. Highlights were:

  • Baseball in Osaka (best fan engagement)
  • Noodle Museum (yes really)
  • hanging out in Minamihorie and Ura Harajuku
  • food everywhere

We were right in the middle of Golden week and the emporer abdication so the crowds were insane even for Japan but somehow lining up in Japan is 100 times better than Australia.

Surprised how much more English was spoken compared to 8 years ago.