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I have been in Spain for the ten days and love the place.

This is the view from my balcony for the next week in Sitges.

Sitges is a nice place, but not sure Issie Folau would play the games boys enjoy here!


Is that the Nissin one in the outskirts of Osaka? It’s great fun, I’ve got a booking to take my kid there next holidays.


Qantas frequent flyer: ‘Points Plane’ Airbus A380 reserved for points bookings to take off

Craig Platt

May 16 2019

A Qantas A380 superjumbo flight to Japan will only be available for bookings via frequent flyer points.

A Qantas A380 superjumbo flight to Japan will only be available for bookings via frequent flyer points.

“No seats.”

It’s a phrase familiar to anyone who has tried to book a flight using points on the Qantas site. Limited availability for points bookings means you often can’t get the exact date or class you were hoping for.

That won’t be the case with a flight taking off from Melbourne to Tokyo on October 21 this year, after Qantas announced an entire Airbus A380 superjumbo would be reserved solely for those wanting to book using their frequent flyer points.

All 484 seats on board the superjumbo will be available for points bookings, including the 64 business class suites.

All 484 seats on board the superjumbo will be available for points bookings, including the 64 business class suites.

The first “Points Plane” is available for bookings from Thursday, May 16 and is the first of what Qantas promises will be a series of similar flights across its network.

All 484 seats on the superjumbo would be available for points bookings, including 14 first class, 64 business class and 35 premium economy class seats. The airline said frequent flyer members would have an equal opportunity to book the seats regardless of their status.

“This is the first time we have dedicated an entire aircraft – let alone an A380 – to our frequent flyers, and we are expecting to see significant demand for these flights,” Qantas Loyalty CEO Olivia Wirth said.

“If this concept is a success, which we think it will be, Qantas hopes to operate more regular Frequent Flyer only flights to other international and domestic destinations in the near future.”

The airline indicated the future flights involving the so-called Points Planes would come up when Qantas needed to move unscheduled aircraft around its network for operational and commercial reasons.

The number of points required to book a one-way seat on the first Points Plane will be 35,000 for economy class; 54,000 for premium economy; 72,000 for business class and 108,000 for first class. The points amounts do not include taxes and other fees and charges.

Frequent flyer schemes have become lucrative businesses for airlines, who sell points to third parties like banks, hotels and car-hire operators who then use the points to reward loyalty from their own customers. Qantas earned almost $400 million from its frequent flyer program last financial year.

The airline has introduced some unusual ways to earn points in recent times, including while you sleep via a wellbeing app.


What’s the best way to get from Poland (Krakow or Warsaw) to Budapest? Hesitant to fly as the only one is Wizz and they have a shocking record. But train seems too long


LOT airlines go direct from either on certain days and are excellent. Personally I’d drive and have done several drives in that neck of the woods. Roads are excellent quality and easy to navigate. The larger freeways are toll roads but you can take slightly longer and go off the main roads. Added bonus of seeing some beautiful scenery and nothing beats stopping in at a small country town or village for lunch and a beer


Clever advertising and spin from Qantas. The A380 is being used as a charter flight for the Moto GP from Japan to Australia so rather than fly it empty over there they released all seats to QFF members. First and business class seats were gone in 4 minutes and most PE were gobbled up within the hour. Still some economy seats remaining.
Unfortunately a one way trip back is often priced as much a return flight so unless you can score a points flight back there isn’t a huge advantage


I believe it did that exact route on an overnight train many years ago. Horrible nights sleep, passport checks waking you up, and at one point I awoke to find some guys hands on my bag trying to rip it from me.


Your meaning is that they play soccer no doubt!


Geez I miss this old girl, it’s been too long HCMC


Ben Thanh Market?


Yes it is


Looks less chaotic than I remember it (last visited around 15 years ago). Wonder if they have renovated it?


Yeah we have 2 primary aged kids and they loved it so that helps but it was fun in a kitsch way


Depends what part of the day you are there. That photo was also in the main part, the labyrinth of stalls to the side was still chaotic. They have done some minor renovations since last visit though


Just a few days in Da Nang, I’ve hired a scooter but have also got a driver for a few day trips we have planned. Accor have been fantastic as Platinum members and upgraded us to a corner suite for the 4 nights we are here


Had a good night in Vienna, opera and then ice-cream


The plant shop was interesting as well


Just arrived in my boat in Budapest


Hard to believe but it’s even more beautiful at night. Just watch the pick pockets around the river precinct


Mrs Ace couldn’t understand why I was giggling like a child at this sign in Da Nang.
Might float the idea past X