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Well from all the data I’m seeing from QF in regards to tomorrow’s changes it looks like Dynamic pricing for award flights is a definite


It is that a way of saying any flights you actually want will require extra points?


I have about 1.2 million QFF points so am hoping that they are not going to devalue these too much…

:blush: must get advice from Aceman about how to use these pesky points. Anyhow to get time to use them :worried:


It means they will make more award seats available but the pricing is variable depending on demand, days or numerous other factors.
One Monday for example could be 40,000 and a Saturday could be 60,000. If a flight is empty though you could pick the seats up for 30,000 the day before. That Is the basic gist of it


Media Releases


Published on 20th June 2019

Qantas Frequent Flyers will soon pay significantly less fees for international reward flights, have access to more seats and enjoy more rewards for earning points on the ground as part of the biggest overhaul to the airline’s loyalty program in its 32 year history.

Representing a $25 million investment, the changes will improve how members are recognised and rewarded as well as how they earn and redeem points.

The major initiatives, to be rolled out to members over the next 12 months, include:

  • Adding more than 1 million extra reward seats available annually on Qantas and new partner airlines.
  • Slashing carrier charges – the additional costs associated with flights booked with Points – by up to 50 per cent on international bookings[i] (opens in new window), saving members on average $200 per return journey.
  • Changing the points required for reward seats on domestic and international flights including an up to 10 per cent reduction in the number of points required for international economy Classic Reward seats.
  • Increasing the points required for upgrades and Classic Reward seats in premium cabins to better reflect the value of this premium experience.
  • Creating a new tiered Points Club program to better reward members who earn most of their points through on-the-ground transactions.
  • Introducing Lifetime Platinum status, the ultimate recognition for the airline’s most loyal flyers.

Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said the changes are about strengthening Qantas Frequent Flyer to keep delivering for its almost 13 million members.

“The Qantas Frequent Flyer program has always been about rewarding customers for their loyalty. These changes are about making it easier for members to access those rewards and help to keep them highly engaged, which in turn is good news for our business as a whole.

“We know the majority of our members want to use their points to take a dream trip overseas, so we are adding more reward seats including First, Business and Premium Economy, to places like London, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Singapore as well as slashing carrier charges.

“While the points required for business class seats on international and domestic flights will increase slightly, it is the first increase in 15 years and the product has improved a lot in that time.”

The $25 million investment is comprised of making more seats available for frequent flyers as well as the reduction in carrier charges. Increased engagement in the program is expected to offset this within the first year.

Mr Joyce said the program overhaul would ensure the national carrier’s loyalty program remained one of the most attractive and successful in the world.

“Australians love earning Qantas Points and that momentum has seen us expand our number of retail partners and extend into new areas like financial services and insurance. The result is that people have lots of opportunities to earn points, so this overhaul is about making sure they have more opportunities to use them.”

Since its inception in 1987, the frequent flyer program has grown from 50,000 members who could only earn points on travel to almost 13 million members who can earn points with more than 300 partners. The majority of the points earned across the program are used on travel. Four flight redemptions are made every minute and sixty upgrades are confirmed every hour.

Qantas Loyalty CEO Olivia Wirth said they conducted extensive research into the habits and behaviours of frequent flyers to create a program that brings value to all types of members.

“There’s a lot about the Qantas Frequent Flyer program that our members tell us they love but there are also areas of the program that have increasingly come under pressure as a result of rapid expansion. What we’re announcing today is all about investing more into the heart of our program, the member experience,” Ms Wirth said.

“While frequent travellers have always been at the centre of what we do, the growth of our program and its hundreds of partners has provided opportunities for many members to now earn most of their points on the ground.

“Our members are all unique in how they choose to earn and use their Qantas Points. The combination of the new Points Club, the introduction of our most elite tier in Lifetime Platinum, and the increase in seats across our network means the revamped program should offer something for everyone.”

A full breakdown of the program changes, including interactive tables showing the before-and-after pricing and new reward seat options on partner airlines is available at


More reward seats to more destinations when members want them:

Frequent Flyers will have access to more than a million extra reward seats annually on Qantas and a growing list of premium partner airlines including during peak leisure travel periods to our most popular destinations such as London, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Singapore. As a result, members will enjoy an up to 30 per cent increase in our highest demand reward seats in Qantas International premium cabins over the next 12 months.

Additionally, we will be giving members more choice when travelling to destinations across Europe, New Zealand and South East Asia through new frequent flyer agreements with Air New Zealand, China Airlines, Bangkok Airways, Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Points Club

Qantas Frequent Flyer will specifically recognise its high-buyers: members who earn lots of points through non-flying related transactions.

Called ‘Points Club’, the initiative will include two tiers with entry gained based on a member passing an annual points-earned criteria. The club will unlock, for the first time, flight and travel benefits for non-flying members including lounge access and bonus status credits – as well as member-exclusive offers and discounts across Qantas Frequent Flyer and partners. The entry-level Points Club tier will be accessed through earning 150,000 points on the ground while the exclusive ‘Points Club Plus’ tier, with richer member benefits, will have a higher annual threshold. Points Club will be launched in late 2019.

Changes to fees and number of points required

The number of points required for international economy Classic Reward seats will decrease by up to 10 per cent effective immediately. For the first time in almost 15 years the number of points required for domestic and international premium cabins will increase by up to 15 per cent. Points required for upgrades will also increase by up to 9 per cent. The increases in premium cabins will take effect from 18 September 2019.

Carrier charges will be slashed by up to 50 per cent on international redemption bookings1, saving members on average $200 per return journey, halving the out of pocket expenses associated with reward travel. A return Classic Reward flight from Sydney or Melbourne to London will see carrier charges reduced from $1080 to $700 in business class while a return economy flight from Sydney to New York will see carrier charges reduced from $360 to $180. Carrier charges on international economy flights will be reduced from today with carrier charges on premium cabin bookings reduced from 18 September 2019.

Lifetime Platinum

Qantas Frequent Flyer will be the first Australian loyalty program to offer Lifetime Platinum status. Entry to Lifetime Platinum will be reached by a member accruing 75,000 status credits, and adds to the existing Lifetime Gold and Lifetime Silver frequent flyer tiers. The new Lifetime tier will be introduced in September.

Improved Member Experience

The digital member experience will be more intuitive and seamless for members. Changes to the search functionality will make finding reward seats quicker and easier – displaying 12 months of reward seats in under five seconds and letting you see the next available redemption flight for popular destinations every time you log into your account.

Further details on each of these changes will be provided to members as they are introduced.

A fact sheet detailing all of the changes can be found here.


I did 6 years in the Solomons back in the 1990’s. Sensational spot for fishing & diving, but very much off the beaten track, no large resorts etc.
Solomon Airlines now does direct flights from Brisbane to Munda in the western part of the country, which is probably the most scenic part of the country too. Honiara the capital is pretty well run down dirty etc, so you not missing much

Downsides would be expensive to fly to & accommodation is also expensive


Approximately 40,000 more points needed now for a return business class trip to the UK or US but I could live with that if it meant more award space in business class but all the data I’m seeing points to mainly being an increase in award space for economy. What Joyce fails to mention is that without significant status you are still going to be way down the list for award redemptions.
Partner charges have also gone up for business but the good thing is there is a lot of people out there with millions of points who won’t mind an increase as long as availability is better.
My favourite the OWA has gone up from 280k to 315k so no biggie.


Article from yesterday indicating why one of those changes was required:


One of the reasons I have a substantial stash of AA points :stuck_out_tongue:
AA has much lower surcharges on all their own and partner awards


As a pleb who thinks it’s crazy to pay more than economy (hmm, Business or a second holiday?) it sounds good so far…


I think they are good changes for the casual flyer who might only try to redeem one flight a year for a family holiday in Economy but I feel they have neglected a portion of their core FF members who have been loyal to them and spend considerable yearly amounts with them. Qantas has being devaluing their FF program for a while now and it’s part of the reason why many like myself have diversified into other FF programs that reward us better.


I agree. As someone who flies regularly (consistently gold or platinum status each year) I got sick of accumulating Qantas points I could not redeem for premium flights to North America where I have family.

When they started handing domestic routes solely to Jetstar and Jetstar let me down repeatedly, I switched my loyalty to Virgin who have much better availability and cost for premium cabins to the main destinations I fly to. I may not have done that if I flew to Europe regularly but I guess I could always use AMEX points for that instead.


Yeah I’ve dropped back to Gold from Platinum this year for the first time in a long time. I’m closing in on LTG so once I have that I’ll probably swap all my OW flying over to the BAEC as they look after their members a mile better.
I’m Platinum Virgin and they look after us really well domestically and although reward availability is getting harder it’s easy to transfer my points to SQ KrisFlyer which has brilliant redemptions.
In the last few years we have switched a lot of flights over to SkyTeam aswell and have built a nice little stash of points with them.
We have no status with AA, Alaskan or Avianca but are members of their FF programs and they have great specials on buying points and pretty good award availability on partners so we invest quite a bit in them aswell


from the web: 300,000 of the new seats will be in premium classes, encouraging lower tier point earners to take their time and save.

Which should mean more seats to upgrade to from Economy.


Being the operative word…


Except most of those award seats are snapped up long before lower tiers get to see them.


sure, but if there are more then they should take (a bit) longer to snap up

I’ll be life time gold by year’s end, so hopefully I get a reasonable chance in the future.


Hopefully. Yeah I’ve only got 805 SC’s to reach LTG so with the travel I have already it should be achieved around Christmas also. I will never reach LTP which would be my ultimate aim but oh well.
I just find it easier to fly to Asia as as there are stacks more rewards from Asian ports


75,000 SC for Lifetime Platinum???

WTF is Joyce thinking? At a minimum of 1200 SC for Platinum, you would have to qualify as Platinum for SIXTY years to qualify. Even if your first year was as a 20 year old, by the time you qualified you would be too old to travel internationally without a medical certificate.


Exactly and hence why I’m switching over to BAEC.
We fly very little with QF and heaps on Cathay and Malaysian which QF punishes us for. BA treats all OW members as equals unlike QF