Travel Thread


I feel the same way. Brazil also off the list for now. And The Philippines. And half of Eastern Europe. Running out of places that aren’t being run by vile RWNJs sadly.


If you’re interested in aviation at all, then I recommend going out to the Boeing Factory for their tour and also The Museum of Flight which is just a short local bus trip from the centre of town.


Enjoy that to the MAX.

It really seems as if Boeing are cutting a lot of corners and getting it by the authorities, who are almost certainly unofficially on the Booeing payroll.


Chichuly is amazing. Loved that place. Some of those installations are insane.

While you were there did you check out the EMP museum? They had a Hendrix as well as a Nirvana/grunge exhibit when I was there as well as horror/sci fi movie exhibit and they all were excellent.

Really pretty dowtown area, and if you get a sunny day a harbour cruise is a great activity. Also had a ball wandering around the markets and the Bill Spiedel underground tour is a great way to learn the history of the city.


Just read they call EMP MoPOP now. Went there the year after it opened on a day trip from Vancouver. Great museum back in 2001, I assume it still is.


When we were in Seattle years ago we did the ‘under the city’ tour. It was good fun and really interesting. A great way to learn the history of the city.


I’ve booked to go to Iran in Nov/Dec. Hope it still there then!

No RWNJ’s there, only RNJs


RWNJ’s and RNJ’s are often one and the same


Good luck. Not with your visit in Iran - you will have a great time. The problem could be if you ever want to go the US you may have problems. Especially with the current Cheetos-In-Chief and his cronies with their mindset. Mem Fox (who wrote the children’s book Possum Magic) was treated appallingly by US immigration just because she had been invited to a writers’ conference in Iran.


Yeah it’s funny, I’m interested in visiting the US but my wife has no interest at all so apart from a couple of stop overs on RTW tickets we have seen next to nothing of the US


Should still be there and a very beautiful country. I’d love to return one day but it’s not at the top of the list currently


It’s a great country to visit, and I have been very many times over the last 40+ years - sometimes 4 times a year - but am reluctant to go with the present regime.


Actually Trump makes travel in USA more interesting. I also have been visiting the place for over 40 years and now everyone engages in discussion on the President. Most just want to apologise.

And their economy is travelling ok for many , so it is not as bleak as I have seen in the past.

I am back to Texas in a few weeks and then a week in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado riding horses. Not my idea of fun, but you have to be part of the team.


Friend of mine just got back & was disturbed by the attitude & behaviour of hordes of MAGA hat wearing, brainwashed Trump Jugend touring Washington DC.


Zero interest in ever going to the US of A. No wish to be gunned down or have to tip every person who gives you the time of day.
Besides because I visited Syria just before the trouble started, I think I now need a CIA interrogation to get a Visa to the USA.


I heard you have to tip those who gun you down as well. It’s a bit harsh.


Does anyone have ideas on what to do around Oxford? I have 4 days there this summer when I collect my post doc in cosmology** started doing some research and it seems there is a lot to do there and within day trip range. Help to narrow it down would be great.

**possibly not true… fine… for a wedding


Not my experience, but Washington DC is a wierd place. Lots of local tourists especially around this time of year, July 4 and all that, and they all seem to have a funny dress sense.

However it is a place you need to visit to look at all those buildings that get attacked and blown up in Action monies.


Tipping in a great pain, and now many place just add “service charges” on top of the bill.

Bad news is that it is becoming endemic in Europe as well, and will be ramped up here in the future.


Will you have a car? I’d check out the wonderful colleges of Oxford primarily, but then the Cotswolds is an easy drive and you could easily see a few of the best villages in one day.