Travel Thread

We are house hunting north of Melbourne.

Where is this place.

I’m almost certain it’s the ‘gong


No but looks really interesting, so does the spa experience.

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anyone been to Musket Cove resort in Fiji? Heading there is June and getting a bit excited.

Yep, 100% it’s Wollongong.

Yep, I have not been here for years and it has some very nice beach areas. Lovely 30 deg day without a cloud in the sky, and Mrs Fox is off with her ssiter so I am preving at the ladies on the beach.

Staying at the Golf Course which is also on the beach.

Have seen some very nice houses here as well, and it is a good Labor Town !!!

Not sure yet but I expect that the app will be easier to use & read when traveling as against trying to scroll around a spreadsheet on my mobile.

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Arrived in the great city several days ago. Very smooth ride on the EuroStar. Have to say that Gare du Nord (the ES terminus) is looking quite down-at-heel and in need of TLC. Can’t use your credit card to tap into the Metro, need to line up at vending machines first. After our recent experience with the Tube something of a come down. The metro ticket gates are out of some previous century and practically eat our luggage.

Work at Notre Dame continues apace but she is still looking a little sad.

More obvious from the rear view.

This is a gorgeous square near to our Hotel. Place des Vosges. Pictures don’t do it justice.


Of your travelling north make sure to stop in for a drink in the scarborough pub beer garden.

Lots of lovely spots on that coastline between wollongong and sydney.

Woonoona sandon pt, austimer wombara etc

Had a chat with a lady from Tour Tailors in Portugal (Cascais). She had a pretty good grip on what’s required.

When I pointed out my reservations about the Algarve (Poms and Krauts expats), she laughed and agreed.

The interesting suggestion was how to get from Lisbon to Seville….direct by car or plane…no decent public transport.

I look forward to their full suggestion.

They are all lovely spots. House prices are just crazy, hard to find anything under $3 million bucks that has any beach view, and so many new houses being built for much more.

Scarborough Pub is pretty special though



The PT b/w Portugal and Spain is appalling. Virtually nothing direct, except by bus. Very surprising not to mention inconvenient.

In the end we had to settle for an all day bus Porto to Salamanca.

Speaking of Scarborough. Scarborough Fish and Chips Langkawi. Random place we found on a scooter ride around the island. Great chips.


I’m keen to hear what she recommends.
I’ve done various drives between the two over the years and found it quite easy and the scenery can vary but the luxury is you can pick and choose how long it takes. Can easily do it in around 5hrs if you are in a hurry or just take your time and even stay a night or two along the way.
Flight options are very limited with TAP being the only decent carrier flying the route although Iberia and others sell dirt cheap tickets such as via Madrid but that turns a 40 minute direct flight into 3+ hours. Ryanair has 1 flight a day but I avoid them. There is the option to take their comfortable HSR (although their version isn’t really high speed) down to Faro and then bus it from there over to Seville.
PT between the two countries is woefully inept though so I just tend to hire a car

That’s definitely her first recommendation. Drive to the Algarve and turn left…Rome2Rio says 4h35m.

We did it a number of years ago, and I would assume the roads have improved. We made a mistake with car hire and found we couldn’t take the car from Portugal to Spain, so we had to get another in a quaint place called Vila Real de Santo António, on the border

The good part was that we then drove along the coast from Faro to get to this place and had so nice times there. The car ferry across to Spain was interesting !

The other thing is the time difference between Portugal and Spain which can play havoc with bookings.

Beautiful place. We took the train once fron Lisbon to Faro and then changed trains for the short trip to Vila Real de Santo António to pick up the rental car.

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I took this one last month. They reckon it will reopen by the end of the year! Hmm.

House prices absolutely took off down there during the pandemic. Attracts money from Sydney and Canberra.

If you want ocean views to be had under 3 mill there’s plenty of options once your out of commute to Sydney/Canberra by car.

Either south or north coast.

Agree, seems very ambitious but I think I saw re-opening for services by the end of this year. Assume this means not all building work needs to be finished.

Edit: looks as though you had much better weather for your stay than ours!