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Day 7 in Taiwan nearly done, spent in Yehliu Geopark, Shifen and Jiufen. All very cool… except the sky lanterns (mega touristy and non-ecofriendly, so we’ll ignore them).

I’m one of the world’s worst photographers, so don’t think any of these do them justice…

Ice Cream Rock

Piano Rock

Shifen Falls


Really cannot recommend Taipei enough. Plenty of sights. Bustling markets. Great metro system. And the food… oh my lord, the food!

Most importantly… clean public toilets everywhere (esp. at train stations) which are free. Nothing worse than busting for a slash (or worse) and having to fish around for a few shitbits of the local currency to get in…

A great city…


Looks fantastic. I might have to hit you up for some tips in the future, I had to postpone my Taiwan ideas for now but am keen to try again in the next year or so.

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Yeah, whenever you’re ready, drop me a line… it’s great!

Reckon we’ll come back and tour the east coast of Taipei… it’s supposed to be awesome.

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What are the implications for getting a visa to China? Assuming you go to Taiwan first, are there then problems getting a visa for China? And what about if you go to China first; does it then become difficult to get a visa for Taiwan?

Good questions… don’t know the answers to them. @Aceman might have a better idea.

Spain and Portugal

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Have visited both China and Taiwan at least a dozen times and have often flown from one to the other without issues. There are dozen of daily flights between the two. As long as you satusithe visa conditions for both country you are fine. I haven’t been to either since Ore Covid but AFAIK nothing has changed

Went to Fiji recently. Unless you are a diver or surfer… or unless stay on an outer island the place is a massive sell. Good is rubbish, super expensive. People are nice but the towns aren’t.

I have been spoilt with SE Asia but man, i was so underwhelmed.

Did i mention the food sucks?

I havent looked into it but something is very wrong with the economy. Food basics for locals were crazy expensive


Great photos, but suspect that the Camel jockeys in high vis gear are lacking in historical accuracy.

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Haha…the camel jockey in the high vis is actually a member of the tourist police.

something else that I remembered! with the Antarctica trip, they had specific requirements for insurance - it might be worth checking your terms and conditions to see if they do too.

mine was “a minimum requirement of USD250,000 coverage for medical-related expenses that must include medical evacuation and/or emergency repatriation cover, and specifically cover medical expenses, evacuation (including ship to shore transfer) and/ or emergency repatriation

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Thanks. Will check.

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Woah… just experienced an earthquake here in Taipei. Certainly the biggest one I’ve ever experienced. Enough to tip things over here in the hotel room and have doors swinging on the hinges.

Building still feels like it’s moving 5 minutes later.

For someone who lives here (or in Japan) it’s probably de rigeur. For someone who doesn’t though, it was… very disconcerting…


And another… :open_mouth:


7.5 just off the eastern coast.

Yep, just had another smaller one too.

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It’s likely a few smaller aftershocks will come throughout the day. Hopefully you’re all not too rattled.

Our tour guide y/day said Taipei gets circa 300 quakes a year. Certainly, the couple at the next table to us at breakfast this morning (from San Francisco) were relatively unperturbed …


You know, there’s a couple of curious things I’ve noticed which really distinguish Taiwan from mainland China.

Firstly, there is very little spitting in the streets. I mean, you still hear a bit of the snorting and hoicking in the public toilets, but when walking around you’re not having to dodge piles of gob (or worse still, piles of red blood-like gob from guys who’ve been chewing on betel nuts).

Secondly, there is plenty of proper and thorough washing of hands by people who’ve been to the toilet. In China, it was horrifying to see people go in, do their thing and walk straight out again.

I don’t know it it’s always been that way, or if covid put the fear of God onto them, but both have been nice to see.