Travel Thread

Last time I travelled I used AWP, partly due to price, partly due to good COVID coverage.

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Did you use your Credit Card free insurance or buy a policy?
Thanks….I am still reading through the PDS’s of various companies

Hope you’re ok - keep us in the loop.

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Still looking for eSim…

Airalo and Holafly seem the popular ones, but both have shortcomings for me… Airalo don’t have calls, Holafly don’t allow tethering.

Bouyques is a French jobbie that seems cheaper and apparently there were fears that you had to be on French soil for them to activate. I believe that hasn’t been the case since last September. Orange eSim is just more expensive and allegedly much slower.

Anyone have any experience?

Yeah, we’re fine… thanks for checking. We’re in Taipei, so 200 km or so away. Felt the tremors very clearly (esp. the first one) and then constant feeling of things rocking during the day, but otherwise… well clear of the main event thankfully.

Some metro lines were either suspended or on go-slow for a while, but in general it was business as usual.


I’ve used the Orange Holiday SIM many times in Europe with no problems at all, and it’s very easy to top up if you need to. Never had any coverage problems either.

Only interested in eSIM, not SIM card. Under any circumstances.

And I don’t really want to have to buy a 14-day (seems like that’s the only option), and then top up for a week.

Fair enough. I take two phones. I put a local SIM into my main phone, and I put my Australian SIM into an old phone that I only switch on once or twice a day. I’m with Telstra, and their global roaming rates are criminal.

Have you looked at any of the ‘regular’ telcos? There is a thing in EU called ‘roam like home’ where your phone will work for no extra charge in any other EU (maybe Schengen) country.

So perhaps you could get an eSIM from a big brand in whatever country you first start in and just keep it while you travel.

It’s only Spain and Portugal….Portugal first.

If i was in France at all, Bouyques would be a no-brainer.

Just to make sure it doesn’t activate immediately, I’ll hold off till next week. The 30 days will then easily cover the 3 weeks I’ll be away.

Now I’ll need to make sure any 2FA requests use my email rather than my Oz phone number.

I bought it.

I’ve got Optus and just used their global roaming last time I travelled (last year to Switzerland).

That’s $10 a day for 20 days if I do that with Telstra. Miles more expensive.

And you get bugger all data. Use your GPS for an hour and it’s gone

Optus is $5 daily for 5GB of data. Maybe not the cheapest, but it was so easy and convenient.

I will never even consider dealing with Optus at any level, no matter how minor.

The way they tried to hang onto my late brother’s debits for months after he died, and they were supplied with all relevant documentation, has formed my opinion forever.

They weren’t too flash after my dad died either.

There’s incompetence, and then there’s just being arseholes.

Abu Simbel!!!

Fark me…what an amazing place.

The temples originally sat close to the the water’s edge and then The High Aswan Dam construction began and the temples were going to be submerged.

So, with the help of UNESCO, they fricken moved the whole site up the hill…the whole site!!!


I see you did now wait long enough for the place to empty out!


We were some of the first ones there…it only got busier after that.

Today’s flight home is:

We were able to prebook all our outgoing and incoming seats before we left.

Online checkin wouldn’t work, so had no choice but to wait until airport to do

Arrive at the Airport this arvo to find what was supposed to be a 2-4-2 configuration flight was now a 3-3 configuration. We had been reassigned seats and split across the plane, resulting in 11 y/old LMB sitting by herself, and me sitting next to a young girl (probably about 10 y/old) who had also been split from her family.

Has this happened to anyone else? Surely this can’t be routine airline practice.

No advance warning from either Air China or Qantas to tell us of anything either.