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We were in Thailand / Cambodia Dec 22. If memory serves, we mostly used credit cards supplemented with AUD cash converted at cambios. Needed some USD for Cambodia.

Unusual for us not to use ATMs, but I think we avoided them due to exorbitant local txn fees. The relevant TA forum is always good for latest info on such things.

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I Always bring cash and convert at Superich in the basement floor of Suvarnabhumi airport for the best rates. I use a no international fees card for hotels but on a day to day basis Thailand is a cash society but cards are accepted at a lot of places. ATM’s everywhere but 250 baht fee and make sure you request money in local currency not conversion when requested.

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US Dollars worked for us in a lot of places in Cambodia. Pay in USD and you’ll get change in local currency.

This was around 15 years ago, mind you…

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Bit surprised Hierve el Agua outside Oaxaca isn’t on your optional inclusions list …


I’ve been to Pamukkale but yeah that is COOL. Will look into it, there’s a fair chunk of free time/freedom to pick and choose.

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Oaxaca also good for a week. Monte Alban is spectacular in a way that photos can’t quite capture. Food was easily the best of the trip. And good hiking to be had in the surrounds … Tours | Tierraventura Ecotours

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Thinking of getting AirTags for next trip to Canada / US / Fiji. Anyone using them? Any traps for young players? Any truth to the internet rumour that they are banned by some airlines and may be removed from luggage?

I have them. Weren’t banned on my recent flights.

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Use them everywhere no issue.
They aren’t banned


My dentist laughed at me when I asked if I should consider going to Vietnam for my tooth extraction/implant.

She sends me a referral to a Melbourne dental specialist practice. I check the names…

Dr Nguyen, Dr ngo, and Dr Yap…


One thing I have learnt in my dental journey, is if you ask for a price up front and then use it for other quotes that the price can drop as much as 50% ! Dentists overcharge something chronic.

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Is ATC really this difficult to listen to?

I can barely pick up what they are saying.

Yes it really is that poor quality.
US is the worst

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So what’s the verdict on the Spain and Portugal trip? Sensational, disappointing, or somewhere in between?

Have any blitzers ever been to the Andaman islands?

And know how to get there?

Yes we have been there and it’s pretty easy to get to.
Several daily’s from Chennai or Kolkata is your best bet. A number of LCC’s fly there but those two cities are your best bet. There are probably a lot more options now than when we went though

Nice vacation? Some photos on the net ive seen look beautiful

FlightConnections and Wikipedia are usually a good starting point for questions like this:

(I’d never heard of the place before this!)

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Yeah, very nice place. Was a bit of work but look at perhaps hiring a driver. The main island is only about 300km from end to end but is well over a days travel which is good because plenty of places to stop. Great beaches, waterfalls and scenery. There was no mobile phone coverage outside of Port Blair when we were there so no GPS for roads which is fine and of course this may have changed. Accommodation is cheap and we stayed at some places right on the beach that were under $40/night.
There are ferries and boats to other islands too which are smaller and have even cheaper accommodation with far less people around. You might get a beach to yourself


Ex Chennai looks like the spot!

Yeah i think theres some good surf around there and its known to be a cleaner spot in south east asia.

Thought it could be a fun alternative to the tourist hotspots

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