Travel Thread

Thailand was very nice. Although would have been much cheaper to buy Baht here before going.


This doesn’t bother me as I always go to the same place. Haha.

Never been my experience. Where did you get it?

I was in Khao Lak, and tried both ATMs and exchange booths. Both had worse conversion rates.

I’m comparing to purchasing on-line, via either Australia Post or Travellex

Always use superrich in Thailand. Basement floor of bkk airport.
Rates today Superich 24.15, Australia Post 22.41, travellex 23.04

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I was never in BKK! Flew into Phuket airport and then up to Khao Lak.

I was getting rates in Khao Lak a touch over 20. :sob:

That’s a nice big pool but I have to admit my first thought was it was a flooded street! Too much time in the Climate Change thread. Or just reading the news I guess.

You should have asked @bomber5au. He goes over there twice a year…can’t keep away from the ladyboys. :wink: :kissing_heart: :grin:

Not true. But do know a couple. The Indian guys love them. Current exchange rate in the booth opposite my room is 24.2 baht/$. If you have a friend here or an acct here then a funds transfer through an International transfer company like Wise will get you a rate close to the official rate. At Phuket Airport last week it was 21.9

A lady friend does it for me each month when I pay the rent. Costs me a Thai meal or tequila shot.

Oooh, matron!

Flying to LA tomorrow night for work.
Do they have WiFI in the Dreamliners out of Melbourne?

If so no wifi

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Some do. I had it in First years ago from LA

Are you sure?
Qantas never fitted wifi to their 787’s and A380’s and they won’t be rolled out until 2026
Domestic flights only started getting fitted in 2016 and only a small number of Qantas international flights has wifi as they use the domestic aircraft and can only get coverage over Australian mainland.
I must have had a dozen flights in Qantas first and never any wifi


The A380’s are only getting wifi installed next year
You may have got one of the month or so trial periods but it got shelved rapidly

The tyranny of technology, when wifi allows work to contact you on long haul flights


I think we had wifi on our Turkish Airlines flights, but no go on Qantas.

What Qantas aircraft and arrival/departure point?
The 787’s and A380’s don’t have wifi

The Virgin 738 we flew to Bali and back had the best plane WiFi ever for me. Didn’t pay any extra and it was fast and let me log into anything wanted.