Travel Thread

I’m in Premium Economy.

Any tips for an upgrade?

Yep, free for Business class and Platinum/Beyond passengers. Virgin are slowly rolling it out and still a few problems but when you get a good one it’s pretty good

What flight, date?

@Aceman QR915 on 21st August… what is the current pleb class booked seats looking like?

Please :slight_smile:

Jakarta to Sydney for mine.
And IIRC the Turkish planes were A350.

Qantas run the A332 on that route and they are fitted with wifi but it only works over Australian soil

The program for wifi on V Line was scrapped about 10 years ago, but apparently available on Skybus.
Progress though, chargers installed on the newer trains. BYO pocket wifi

In about 3 hours.

3 Business seats for sale still but no business upgrade availability. looks a fairly full bird. I’d almost guarantee that those 3 seats would be either op upgrades to very high status holders or will remain empty

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Looks empty at this stage. Will fill up closer to date but I think it may not fill up

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Thank you. Fingers crossed it stays empty and I get extra seats!

Yeh even streamed the NBA on flight back from Fiji recently. Very good quality Wifi.

Wondering if any on here have used the Wise travel card….& whether anyone has any thoughts/opinions on it?

Used it last time OS, found it excellent. Apple wallet for virtually everything with physical card for backup, best/real time rate for on the fly top up exchange, zero issues. Next time I’m taking a Wise and a Revolut for backup, quite a few free ‘virtual’ cards with them which can be used for one off bookings etc, hack proof.

Feels like 3-4 different money options is a good idea these days, your Oz atm card as a last resort.

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Yes have used Wise online for several years with no issues

However, the actual card has never worked for me when trying to pay in a shop. Despite following their instructions

Interesting - I have another friend who told me yesterday that they only ever used the card.

While in Bali Mrs Fox forgot to turn off Data Roaming on her phone.

Optus is the provider and there were no message at all about landing overseas etc, unlike my Telstra phone that nagged me constantly about international roaming charges. Anyway normally her bill is $40 a month, but this month there is an extra $1459 in data roaming charges. I tracked it down to the downloading to iCloud every morning at 4:38 am.

Anyway told Optus we are not paying and switched her phone to Telstra today.

Guess they will get all grumpy and legal with us, but I would argue that the cost is outrageous.

Wait, there are phones where the default isn’t set to roaming off?

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That is weird. Works like any debit card for me, which is kind of one of its main functions. I’d get them to send a new card, sounds like a bodgy chip

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