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I had a strange one recently. I turned all the roaming etc off on my Telstra plan and organised an eSim which had data + phone calls, which only activated once we landed in Porto. So I hadn’t had a chance at that point to advise the tour operators of my Bouygues French phone number.

Yet we got a message from the Porto driver on my Telstra number after landing, which I would have thought was roaming and expected an extra charge.

No extra charge occurred from any quarter.

Heading North to do the Darwin-Kakadu loop in mid August, basically first trip outside Vic State borders since Covid hit, although we did flit over to SA briefly.
Need a hire car for around 10 days. Any advice much appreciated. Best hire Company, recommended type of car- not sure what the roads are like- happy with something smaller if the roads are OK, hire companies to avoid etc, and anything we need to know- and we currently know shiit.
Flights are booked, some accomm, it’s the car crap we’re not sure about.

Roads up there are pretty good, so unless you want to go off road then a smaller car with aircon is fine.

We always used Avis or Hertz but they are so farking expensive that we now use the smaller local car rental. The cars are usually a few years older but all have been in good condition and run well and good local support.

We are going to Palm Cove for two weeks and Hertz was about $800 for the total time, Apex was $200 for the same size car. They don’t have car waiting at Terminal but bus you to get it.

Reckon you will find same type of car rental in Darwin.

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Tell them you will open a case with the Telecommunications
Industry Ombudsman if not dropped. That will usually do it as it costs them more than that bill

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Thanks for that. I also found this gem

“Under the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code, providers must warn customers about roaming charges when the customer arrives in a different country and turns on their phone.

Warnings are sent by text message and must include the rates for making calls, sending texts, and using the internet in that country.”

They did not do this.

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That data roaming sounds like a real trap.

Surprised icloud backups happen over phone internet?

Did you manage to configure so it only does it over wifi in the future?

Be careful with your mileage as unlimted mileage agreements are rare up that way.

10 days will give you maybe 1500 ks, extra distance will cost $0.25/K

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Yep, now any data only happens with WiFi access. Mrs Foxs phone that has never had any email, text message, phone call, voice message etc deleted, and she has a zillion apps.

She also has massive storage in iCloud which is where the Data use happened. Not an issue in Australia as it costs nothing.

Actually her PC is the same, and I reckon she has every website ever visited still open. Not sure how it copes.

I am not brave enough to take any covert action.

Not an Onion article!


Embracing Whatsapp for all your messaging and phonecall needs at home saves you somewhat when you travel.

Takes a bit to educate family and friends.

Its almost universal in Latin America.

The old mobile phone number should really go the way of the :dodo:

Palm Cove this week and it is a very beautiful place

Great beach and great food, 28C and even an Irish pub.

Tomorrow the Cairns Ironman starts here with the 10km swim, 2500 or so competing with a 180 km bike ride to Port Douglas and then a 42 km stroll around Cairns. Never seen so many healthy people in one place. i will try to take photos of swimming. First prize is $150,000


Samos. Greece.
The Tunnel of Eupalinos is a tunnel of 1,036 m length running through Mount Kastro in Samos, built in the 6th century BC to serve as an aqueduct, to bring water to the port of Pythagorian on the south side of the island. It is regarded as quite an engineering feat at the time.

Below: walking through the service tunnel situated 50m above the actual tunnel.

Below: looking down 50m through the grate at the roman clay pipes below

Below: a close up


Palm Cove where you have gone to retire?

Its a lovely spot. Less crocs i think than PD.

Southern tip of Arkoi in Greece (a very small island in the eastern Aegean) in about 6m of water.
Is that a laptop?


We are stilling looking, have an idea about buying a place here and spending 3 or 4 months here and renting it out for the rest. Early days in deciding, as we still have to sell the Castle in Bacchus Marsh.

Prices up here are falling a bit and sales are slow. Many purchased during COVID and are trying to sell.

It is a lovely spot, the crocs are not that big and many more dangerous ones in Melbournes inner suburbs

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Palm Cove beach has been completely closed due to Crocs the last two times we have been up there. Lovely place though

They are only little, less than 1.5 metre, but I guess South Australians do scare easily l

I watched my grandkids swim in the oceans at Yirrkala with crocs visible along the beach. When I was yelling and screaming, the locals just laughed at me.

One Elder told me that crocs prefer fish over children and there are plenty of fish around.

They were bigger than that. The beaches were closed completely due to the crocs at the time. The locals weren’t going anywhere near the water and council had put up signs everywhere. Crocs don’t bother me personally, I’m far more scared of snakes and sharks than crocs

Check out the timing of the compulsory renovation conditions in an apartment complex. Aside from paying for the compulsory renovation in a renovation cycle, revenue from letting and access to the apartment is lost during the time it takes for renovations.

You’re in Greece. Where are your food pics?