Travel Thread


Have been told that. Apparently its really good for digestion. I quite like the taste of it TBH


Went to the Great Wall today, seriously impressive!

Then to Silk Street where IPhone 7 are $300


It's wonderful, which part did you go to? Simatai was not crowded at all when I went, but some hawkers were nightmarish.


Went to Mutianyu

Not crowded! But it is a strenuous walk

I love the hawkers


Only some bits of it are steep…


Yep, was very quiet the day we went aswell but some of the Hawkers just wouldn't accept no.
Last night in Shanghai before flying out to Xi'an tomorrow arvo


Yeah, this pair of women trying to sell stuff just followed us for ages, we couldn't even get them out of the frame for photos! I almost lost my cool but told them if they'd go back down they could get us as we were leaving. They agreed with an irritating smile. But we stayed on the wall till so late in the arvo that they'd given up and left by the time we came back down.

Enjoy Xian, the warriors are fantastic.


Checked in at Pudong and Hainan upgraded us to Business for being Fortune Wing members which was a nice surprise. We flew with them business from Sydney to Beijing so maybe that helped


Mutianyu is great.

Do they still have the toboggin fro the downward trip?


I think that's where we went.

Our driver was saying 'catch the chairlift up, and the toboggan down'

Here's me thinking, he's mixed up his english. Sure enough there's a fricken toboggan that would put the one at Gumbaya park to shame. Better still, no attendant, instructions only in German, great way to end the day.


Are the instructions at the bottom of the chairlift still comedy gold?

“Don’t run and pushes to pash violently and the laugh and frolic”


At least they got the apostrophes right...if you ignore the space afterwards.


Yep caught the cable car up, and looked at the tobogan, and caught the cable car down.


At the Silk Market in Beijing there was a sign which said "No saying of s h i t".

Also in Chao Yang area there was a huge neon sign at the top of a building with big yellow capital letters "DONG DU A N U S & INTESTINE DISEASE HOSPITAL" A very specialised medical facility!

Love Beijing.

Hate this swear filter. Since when is a n u s a rude word?


Terracotta Warriors today, was awesome. The food in Xi'an is the best I've had in China and there are plenty of little awesome bars. They still don't realise that beer is best served below 30 degrees but I'm coping


What are the crowds like at the Warriors?


Huge crowds but apparently it was just a regular day according to our guide. I found the crowd bearable, most were in tour groups and took a couple of photos and shuffled on to the next spot. A few dawdlers that took 20-30 selfies but just push them out the road or barge in lol.
Truly was an amazing spectacle


This was my first trip to China since 1973! Beijing has changed more than any other city I have seen.

I was there on business and only for 6 days, and only had one day free to visit the Wall and shop. Food was excellent, though while beer was cold at Hotel and a few bars, not cold elsewhere.

Beijing is not a cheap place, and there is signs of affluence everywhere, with no old cars on the street and everyone well dressed. Petrol is same cost as here and fresh food like fruit and veges was more expensive than Melbourne.

Many very beautiful young women at our Hotel, but I could not find the elixir of youth, so I was just in observation mode. We stayed at the Hilton and it was very good, and cheaper than expected.

Overall a very impressive place, and as the business side went well, we will return later in year in greater numbers to further our conquest.


I think the term binda means cold. Try that.


Have loved every minute in Xi'an, off to Chongqing next where we start our Yangtze cruise. Have left about 3-4 days free after the cruise before heading to Hong Kong