Travel Thread


In Sydney for work , where get good pizza :pizza:


Anyone spent any time in Castellammare, Sicily. Have a friend who wants us to buy into a house there and the photos are amazing, but it seems too good to be true.


Went to Sicily for a couple of weeks 2 years ago.

Hired a car which wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done!

That aside, Sicily is fabulous


First day back at work and over it already.
Boracay for 2 weeks in November booked and now we ain't playing finals I've put in for 2 weeks holidays in September. Not sure where we will go but probably Lombok again


Not a good place to drive ?


We’re interested in heading up to Munich late August/early September for about 7 nights. I did want to stay at somewhere around Königssee, but it seems no hotels in the area have aircon at all, i.e. we’ll probably hire a car and just do day trips around Bavaria (or even to Salzburg, Liechtenstein…). Anyone have any reccomendations?


Don’t let the air con situation stop you. We went in early September and it was 20-22 degrees every day and got down to about 8 at night. Well worth staying a couple of nights there


Yeah it does look lovely. I can’t for the life of me sleep when I’m hot, so don’t like the idea of accidently booking an oven hotel (I did last year in Copenhagen and died in 25° weather). :expressionless:


I love Munich and always stay at the Hilton Park. It definitely has good air con.

Yep it is expensive, but great rooms, in a great location.


We finish our tour in Munich last couple of days of August. Then heading to Nuremberg for a couple of days and onto Prague.


Wow, just came in here to post/ask about Bavaria, and find it’s the latest topic.

I’m thinking about a trip to Europe next year already, and flights from Japan to Europe are easiest/cheapest to Frankfurt, Rome, or London. We’ll have a 6-year-old and two one-year-olds in tow, so I want a trip that steers clear of big city mayhem and public transport and is more scenic, relaxing and fun for the eldest kid too.

I was originally thinking Tuscany and up to Venice, but the more I read about Bavaria I reckon driving from Frankfurt to Munich would be ace. Has anyone done this Romantic Road and castles area and can recommend it? I’m thinking Neuschwanstein, Rothenburg are must sees, but does anyone have fave towns, castles, or palaces in that vicinity?


One good thing I’ve found about big cities, is that even when they’re crowded, you still have pleanty of room to move. In small towns when it’s crowded, it can get a bit hectic, I experienced this in Taormina a few years ago. However if you’re out of season, you’ll not have any issues anyway.


Aircon? It was 35 degrees yesterday and we don’t have aircon! It was fine :slight_smile:

Königssee is great. I’d recommend staying at Berchtesgaden and doing the day trip from there.

Neuschwanstein is awesome as said. Very pretty castle.

The Alps are great, many people visit Garmisch-Partenkirchen as it’s easy to get to. Anywhere in the Alps are cool for doing some Hiking, and best in Summer for that. I like the Kampenwand personally.

Still want to go to Rothenburg. But it’s a whole 2 hours away :wink:

Check out Flixbus for travel. I went to Prague last month for 15 euros.


I like Bamberg. They have a really unique smokey beer, and this thing looks cool:

Another town I like is Landshut, just a nice old town, but only if it’s on the way. Wasserburg am Inn is nice, cheap hotel at the top of the town called Gasthof Huberwirt am Kellerberg is recommended.

And as said before, for me it’s all about the Alps. Nice and quiet if you don’t go to the hot spots. Super pretty


We’ve pencilled in two days in Nuremberg, after spending an extra day in Munich at the end of the trip. Then from Nuremberg to Prague. All by train.


Bamberg is really close to Nuremberg if you can fit it in. But not on the same trainline unfortunately


Aecht Schlenkerla! We get those in Japan, sensational beers. I can see me dragging my wife and kids to all the best beer stops in Bavaria already.


That’s the one! Really interesting beer, but for me not one that I can drink too many of.

If you like Weissbier, Kloster Andechs is a good stop over. Most of the best Weisbier is made outside of Munich (lagers are best there).
It’s a cool monastery, and you can also get an excellent Schweinshaxen there.


Its becoming quite popular lately. Its a nice spot. Are you flying into Manila or Cebu first? Ive spent a bit of time on Panay when a friend of mine lived there and popped over to Boracay a few times.
Im heading to that part of the globe next week, mainly to visit my mother in law who is quite ill, but I will shoot down to Bohol for a few days to an eco resort a friend owns. You can see Duterte’s martial law in Mindanao from there on a clear day. Hopefully the closest I will ever get to that madness.


Sydney to Manila direct then on to Roxas City. Staying just outside of Roxas with family of the couple we are travelling with. Have changed plans slightly as we are now going for 3 weeks and will do Boracay for 4 nights and Palawan for 6 nights. Will then split a few nights between Manila and Alabang and then 4-5 nights around Tagaytay and Lake Taal