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Buses or anything like that? Sort of pencilled in things like the trial place, the rally place, a gingerbread place and a bratwurst place. But there was something in the Rage recently re 48 hours in Nuremberg so will have a squiz at that.

Not the Age, the Independent…


Sorry, I meant that it’s not on the way to Prague. You can get the train there from Nuremberg, it’s only 45mins.


@Munchen_Don thanks for all that info. I will take it on board :slight_smile:


No problem. I wish I could think of more. I should do more German exploring myself, but usually just go to the Alps on weekends or visit other countries.

One more:


Can confirm.

Bamberg is brillaint.


Palawan is fantastic. If you can, head out to a little place called Port Barton. On the western side on the edge of the China Sea. We stayed on a small island off the coast there in 2015. It was one of the most pristine tropical places Ive ever been to. The owner became a friend and although he has now sold and moved back to the States he said the new owner is a mate of his so not much has changed. Paradise Cove, Cacnipa Island. Check it out.
El Nido and Coron are getting pretty crowded these days.
Taal is pretty cool, although the island the volcano is on is pretty dirty, or it was last time I went.
Manila is one of the Worlds greatest ■■■■ holes, althouth the people are generally pretty cool.
Enjoy mate, should be a blast.

Oh…I nearly forgot…if you like a cold beer suss out the little micro brewery in puerto princessa when you hit palawan. Very tasty and icy cold.


Anyone here been to the Hokusai exhibition in Melbourne?


Mrs Fox and I are off to USA on business in plate November, she in Atlanta and I am in Houston.

Planning to meet for a few days in New Orleans, any tips on what is a must-do, must-see there ?


The food! Sensational, particularly if you like food a bit spicy, and with shellfish. If you recognise the name of the food as something you can get in Australia, ignore it (except for the bread and butter pudding). No need to go to expensive restaurants. There’s too much great Nawlins food, like gumbo, jambalaya, crawfish (yabbies) étouffée, shrimp creole, muffulettas, barbecued shrimp, po’boys (think baguettes or subs or gyros or hoagies).

Oh yeah…there’s the mighty Mississippi and the music too. Go for a stroll down Bourbon Street, and for breakfast at Café du Monde for a café au lait and a beignet, and afterwards to the French Market next door.

D-Day museum in (I think) Camp Street, created by the writer of Band of Brothers. JFK stuff around the same area. St Charles Avenue streetcar through the Garden District. Don’t go for a gawp tour through the Lower Ninth Ward (the locals don’t like it). St Louis cemetery on I think North Rampart. Congo Square where Louis Armstrong used to play piano in a brothel is up there.

There are two police stations in the French Quarter. Think of them as opposite corners of a rectangle. Don’t go outside that area at night or alone. It’s not particularly safe.

Apart from that, I got nothing.


Anyone else use the Virgin inflight wntertainment app and fight it to be massively pox? Why bother having it if the movies won’t play or they don’t update the album selection. POS.


I’m in Ho Chi Min City tomorrow for three days. And for some reason I’ve never gone to a place less prepared. I have accommodation booked and only one plan: eat Pho.

What else should I be doing?


Had a Brisbane > Sydney flight on Qantas the other week and it’s (apparently) their only Wi-Fi enabled plane. It was super fast, simple to connect and awesome.


Take a day trip to the Cu Chi tunnels. Take a boat down the Mekong River. Check out the independence palace. Eat pho or just eat - the food’s fantastic.


Yeah qantas aren’t too bad.

Now that I’m gold status* with Virgin, it seems to work better, so I don’t know if it’s cause I sit towards the front of the plane, as I do with Qantas.

*about the only perk of constant work travel, but comes in handy for travel with the family.


Fi’deen dollar is boocoo money, but this l’il gal can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.


The old US Embassy will bring back memories, as will the war museum. Notre Dame Cathedral, but check if it is open firsty. Also, don’t leave any cameras with anyone, they are scams, and you will never see the camera again.

Try a Bum Mi, local bagette. they are delivered fresh every morning. l had one years ago, that had 15 ingredients loaded with chopsticks for 20 cents.Also look for some Coffee Giat, the way they drink it in Hue on the central coast. best coffee l have ever had.

You probably have your accommodation sorted out already. Consider Miss Loi’s for future trips, l have been staying at her place since 1998, and won’t stay anywhere else.


XO food tour is awesome:





Just got into tokyo. ■■■■■■ humid at the moment. Need to kill 6 hours before we check in, staying near Ginza station. Any quick tips?


Welcome, and yes it is disgustingly humid here in summer.

It depends how you want to kill your time and also how much longer you have in the city. Ginza is known for higher end, shopping, eating and drinking. You could stroll down to the Imperial Palace and have a wander around there (note: there is not a great deal to see as you can’t go into the palace, but the grounds are nice and has a nice view of the skyline of Marunouchi / Otemachi).

You could jump on a train and check out one of Shibuya, Shinjuku, Yoyogi, Harajuku, Omotesando, etc (all in the west). Two of my favourite ways to kill time is to let off some steam in the batting cages in Kabukicho (Shinjuku) and wander around Shinjuku Gyoen (Tokyo’s botantical gardens). Yoyogi Park is great for people watching - and you can visit the Meiji shrine while there - but I would perhaps save that for the weekend when at its best.

You are also relatively close to Asukusa, home to the Asakusa Shrine (the most famous in Tokyo) - just head north on a train. You can check out the Skytree and Ueno Park while up there. I would probably save this though for when you have a bit more energy - it is the most (and perhaps one of the only) touristy parts of the city and can get pretty full on / busy. Saving it for Monday if you are still here would be ideal. Kappabashi - the home of cooking supplies (in particular, plastic/wax food) is worth a stroll and a laugh in that area also.

It goes without saying that you are close to Tsukiji fish market and you should check that out one morning.

Also recommend checking out a baseball game while here. The Tokyo Swallows play in a small stadium in the middle of the city and the atmosphere is great on a summer night.