Travel Thread


We ended up going to the fish market and then one of the gardens as well. So hot!!!


I thought I read that the fish market was now closed to visitors - did I misunderstand or has it been re-opened?


Wasn’t at the wholesale one. I think it just moved, maybe that was when it was closed for visitors?


Yeh, Tsukiji is the one I was thinking of -


I’ve been doing the bus tour of Berlin today. We really only concentrated on Topography of Terrors, Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall Memorial. Notsure there’s much more Cold War stuff I need to see, although we’ll see the bridge of spies if we go to Potsdam.

We got in from Frankfurt yesterday afternoon and walked through the Tiergarten to the Brandenburg Gate and back again.

My feet are sore.


Berlin is such a cool city with so much to see and do. I’m not surprised you have sore feet!

Enjoy the trip Noonan


NOLA - Get along to a football game, great experience. We went down to the marshs and took an air boat tour, that was a lot of fun exploring the gators.

We stayed in the French quarters and to be honest it was fairly underwhelming. It stinks, full of drunk people and the food is average. From a safety point of view do not venture outside of the French quarters at night, the crime is rife and tourists are targeted.

There was some great vegan food we experienced down at the market.

Edit - it is also really depressing that only a stone throw away, there are areas that have not been rebuild from hurricane Katrina. It’s like you are in a 3rd world country


Hey mate, is there anywhere in Tokyo to watch the game tomorrow?

If we win I think I’ll be in Osaka for our first final

@Gnik did you tell me a while ago there is an Aussie sports bar in Osaka to watch AFL games?


The bar in Osaka is the Coolabah.


Hobgoblin in Roppongi will show it. If it is not on then just ask at the bar and they will put it on.


Thanks heaps mate.

4 stops from me as well.


That’s actually easy to remember running enough*

*in fruit game


900m from my hotel.

Bring it


Well, thanks for nothing, @Munchen_Don.

After fine sunny weather all the way southwards in Germany, we get to Munich and it’s ■■■■■■ down.

Went to Dachau yesterday, which was more a concentration camp for intellectuals, homosexuals and political prisoners than a mass extermination camp…not to say plenty of prisoners weren’t worked to death or executed. They had a crematorium, which they had ro upgrade but they were relatively small.

Today, we went to Berchtesgaden, the Eagle’s Nest, but the weather was so ordinary you couldn’t see 30 metres. Have to rewatch the last episodes of Band of Brothers.

The tour has just finished this evening and we’ll be spending tomorrow at the technological museum, and maybe finishing off at the Hofbräuhaus.

Sunday we train it to Nuremberg for a couple of days, then to Prague for the start of a new tour through Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and finish in Warsaw.


Wow, yeah pretty good timing, it’s been fantastic weather til now. Sounds like you brought your ■■■■■■ Melbourne weather with you.

Looking at your schedule and weather forecast, it’ll probably fine up just as you leave Germany. Looks like we saw you coming


Loving Japan at the moment. Tokyo is breathtaking, Disneyland not as much, but of a let down but still ok. Off to Kyoto today then Osaka on Wednesday.


Technological museum (Deutsches Museum) is pretty good. Most exhibits have English explanations. Pretty well everything technical.

Museum is on an island in the fast-flowing Isar river.

Went to the Hofbräuhaus last night. Only there for an hour or so, and the biggest damn pretzels in the world. Plenty of salt crystals so no wonder it was making me thirsty.

Ran into an Aussie vet from the Sunshine Coast. Good times!


Nuremberg is well worth a visit.

Did the Nazi Rally grounds and the DB Transport Museum yesterday. Lot of walking involved in the rally grounds. You think it’s near the start of the walk, but it’s 3 or 4 km around the lake.

Went up to the castle this morning and the site of the War Crimes tribunal today.

Good spot!


I recommend staying one night in a Ryakon when in Japan.


Why one? So relaxing!