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Not cheap :wink:

Loving it so far




And how the hell is the acronym for oh My God blocked out?


Coolobar opens at 7pm



Off on a business trip to USA but will holiday in New Orleans and San Francisco.

Any suggestions for Hotels in either place? In New Orleans French Quarter there are so many to choose from, any that stand out ?


Mrs Azza and I are staying at Hotel St Pierre in the French Qtr when we go in early Nov. Reviews looked good on TripAdvisor, but apart from that, I got nothin’ :slight_smile:


I’ve stayed at the Monteleone 20-odd years ago.


We are still in Italy, Half way during our trip. In Perugia at the moment and have visited Assisi and Spello in the last couple of days. Great old hill top medieval towns, lots of walking up very steep streets and alleys, will have calves and hamstrings of steel by the end of this stay, but have loved it all.
Because of our “Backpack saga” where Mr BM left his backpack on a train during a changeover, with his passport, camera, glasses, my iPad, extra money in it - UTTER PANIC! Most stressful day for a very long time. :anguished::anguished:
Long story short, we did get everything back later that day, thank you Trenitalia!!
What is the worst thing that has happened to you while travelling??


Good that you got your stuff back.

Perhaps the worst thing for me was being in Nairobi when al Qaida blew up the American embassy. We were close enough to hear the explosion & get rained with charcoal. The uncensored carnage on local TV was horrific. Had no idea what was going on & were about to head into the wilds of Kenya on the back of a truck.

Otherwise we have been extraordinarily lucky (apart from a few bouts of food poisoning). Though I just remembered when our Renault got T boned by a 4WD outside Vienna …


Incredible that trenitalia even helped. Lucky for you


JetScare has some cheap flights Melbourne/Tokyo return for around $500.

If I was taking wife and kids, how long would be sufficient. Thinking 2-3 weeks.

Edit was originally thinking USA, but it’s a bit weird there right now, then I just realised the nuke issue in Japan…


Mate, flew JetScare Melb to Hawaii in cattle class- if you’re over 5ft10, you won’t be very happy post flight!!
Either pony up for the extra legroom, or find some kind of sedative…
Great price though.


And California is still a legit great place to travel- they’re pretty anti-trump over there. A cheap fare to there would be a nice place to visit


Yeah I’m torn, kids want to go to Disneyland etc. wife wants to go to New York…Been a few times and just not sure about the place.


Singapore Airlines are doing Melb-Tokyo for about $770, by time you factor in the luggage charges it doesn’t work out much more expensive plus you get a much better flying experience. JetStar would be the last airline I chose personally.
Air Asia doing $270 return Melbourne to KL and $170 Perth to KL return for early next year and I’ve never had a issue with them


Well, the lines at Disneyland are better in Sept/Oct- all the kids are back at school. And the weather is generally low/mid 20’s. Plus your closer to Yosemite national park/San Fran/Vegas.



Even done Disneyland in Japan? I just imagine it’s not as feral as the US one


No, never done much of asia.
But California Disney is pretty god in the off peak times- that’s the only time we’ve been. If the kids like science, the California science museum- at the LA coliseum- is like scienceworks in Melb. BUT, they have the last space shuttle to fly in a VERY large hanger you can see. We found it awesome. Also, if u go to LaBrea tarpits, same thing in that they have a really good museum of all the fossils they have taken from the pits. And both are not OTT expensive.
They also have the oldest remaining original Maccas in the world in Downey, LA- with an original 1960’s menu!!! If you’re into that sort of thing…


Disneyland in Japan is run very well, but it’s incredibly popular. You get Japanese spoken by the characters and in rides which might take some of the enjoyment away, but it’s easy enough to navigate and get English assistance.

Look into JAL’s new route from Melb-Tokyo also. I got in really early with some Jan flights earlier in the year and got a great price (about $600 iirc) with a huge luggage allowance, but prices may have gone up in the meantime.


Two to three weeks is ample time to see both the sights around Tokyo, then get over to Kansai area to see Kyoto and any other nearby city that might appeal.

No one here is too worried about Nth Korea. Yet. I just took my mum up to Hokkaido in between two missiles flying over the top. Gotta keep living and getting out there.



Turn off the TV its great here

if you make it to New York. Upstate New York is off its ■■■■, along the Hudson River, bunch of national parks to walk amazing :facepunch:

Bonus is no one really visits it!