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Just don’t go to rio.


Rio is safer than São Paulo


I’m in Scotland at the moment, went to see Inverness Caley Thistle v Falkirk in the IRN BRU cup last night, and Lo and Behold… look what’s on the menu…

The old boy couldn’t help himself. Good for what ails you he said.

Oh, and the Jags got up 1-0, for those of you playing at home.


Cheezus. That would ruin your day. What were the circumstances?


Back in the early 1990’s, in São Paulo on business. Car was stopped by guys with guns, took any money we had and that was it. I had been warned not to carry credit cards or watches, so money was all I lost. They were surprisingly friendly and the local guys with seemed used to it. I did nearly soil my pants though !


A Tourist Visa for Brazil can now to obtained on at a cost of $40 US plus $4.24 commission, plus no longer any need to supply as much info as previously. Just a pic of your passport, a photo and most importantly, a credit card payment. This is massively cheaper than the AUD $216 rip off pre 21 November.


Been to Brazil GB?


No. Going to iguasu Falls next March for the day from Argentina. Got my online Brazil visa yesterday


Dress down, no expensive jewellery on show no handbags, don’t walk around on your phone; camera not on show, upgrade to limo cars/buses…Our experience around Rio and Brasilia.
If you are flying any distance take a jacket or pullover ( gets very cold at altitude and often no rugs).


Also, depends whether you cross the yellow fever line get a vaccination before you go. The needles at the borderline can be dodgy.


I am in Texas and I have always loved the place. Austin is a great place and both Dallas and Houston are full of friendly people who are great to socialise with and also to do business with, especially if you have something to sell into the oil and gas business.

But I have struggled to find a good beer, and today I went to a small town called Shiner where they have a small brewery that has been making Bavarian style beer for over 100 years. Shiner bock is a great drop, and I am now sitting at bar at my Hotel in Houston attempting to drink them dry of this brew. I will report if I succeed, or get picked up by some Texan beauty or get arrested.


The Austin area has some fantastic local breweries (Jester King, Live Oak, Austin Beerworks), not sure how well they get into bars around the state though. Shiner Bock is a good find, Celis White might be around, Houston’s Karbach probably has good distro since they got bought out, they’d be worth a shot.


Well Mr Jez, I think I have found my home.

I was born to be a Texan, want a red and black Ford F-150 F4 with gun racks, a blonde blue Texan cheer leader wife (Mrs Fox IV) and to the dusky beauty who has been serving me Shine Bock for the last few hours to gently accede to my wants.

Not gonna happen, but dreams begin in Texas.

Going to see a College Football game tomorrow when the star player is an Aussie Punter.


JUst got back from a week in the Maldives. Absolutely spectacular, on one atoll we counted seven different shades of blue water from the shore. Just ridiculous.


Any tips on resorts, flights, transfers etc.
wife has been bugging me for years to go there and I’m looking at going there for our anniversary in the future


We stayed at

My mate is now the GM there so that’s why we stayed there, but I went for work and travelled to about seven/eight different resorts. I reckon the pick of them that we visited was the Conrad. It just felt like it was oozing money.

One of the newer ones is Hurawelhi and mate its superb as well.

I’ve been to Fiji seven times this year for work and stayed in some pretty nice places, but the Maldives makes Fiji resorts look like a Best western in Dunbo.


Mine too. And bora bora. I’m not sure I have enough organs to sell to afford one of those overwater bungalows in bora bora though.


Some of the ones in Maldives are surprisingly affordable. One of the new resorts we’re looking at working on they’re going to open around March next year and opening pricing for the villas are only around $280.


Yes, wife’s bucket list has the Maldives and Bora Bora at the top.
I really want to do the Seychelles, Mauritius or Reunion


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