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Singapore Airlines via Singapore?
What was transport around the Maldives like, sea plane or boat mainly?


Texas is cool. People are friendly, some beautiful scenery and weather is great this time of year.

San Antonio was fantastic. Houston was ok but felt too much like another big city for mine.


We did Etihad via Abu Dhabi, took longer but was cheaper. I think Singapore would be quickest. All the resorts are either Seaplane or boat. Mainly Seaplane but the whole joint is so well organised. You just turn up at the airport and they’ve organised everything for you.

Male is an absolute tip, quite often you’ll have to stay there for a night before you go to your resort. Stay at Hulhumale north of the Airport, WAY nicer. They taxi you everywhere and it’s all included in the room charge.


Got caught in a flash flood in San Antonio, oh my. Great town though, huevos rancheros and 50c Corona for brekky!


Austin and San Antonio were the pick of Texas for me. Wasn’t that keen on Dallas (1994) or Houston (1983).


Anyone have good tips for car hire in the US these days?


We do it regularly (every 1.5 - 2 years) and the things we’ve learnt are:

  1. it tends to be cheaper to book it earlier

  2. the cost of hiring can vary greatly depending on the airport. So if we have some flexibility in where we start the hire (i.e New York vs Washington/Philly/Boston or Detroit/Buffalo/Chicago/Minneapolis etc) I always check different flight/airport/car hire combinations to find which gives the best overall deal. Last trip we flew into Detroit because both flights and car hire were significantly cheaper than Toronto and Buffalo

  3. If we’re staying in a big city for a few days at the start or end of our trip I try to avoid having a car for those few days as it costs $50 or more sometimes to park it per night at our hotel.


Done it a couple of times. As AD said, book it as early as possible and it’s usually a lot cheaper if you pay when you book rather than just make a deposit.

It’s generally pretty cheap but the one-way fees can be steep. Our most recent trip we drove from San Antonio to New Orleans and the one-way fees were nearly double the base rental fee. If you can, plan your trip so you take the car back to the city/depot you picked it up from.


@topdon may be able to help.


Thanks guys. I have rented several times in the US before but was just wondering if was still good or another company offered better deals. Some people recommend but as far as I can see its a bit cheaper booking direct with Hertz.


My work mate has just returned from the US and used turo.
He was raving about it.


Thanks Darli

That looks like a really good option, and I have never heard of them before.


Anyone ever been on Oman Air?
Seen some real good reviews on them and I’ve always been interested in having a look around Muscat. Just trying to sort out a decent plan of attack to Europe next year for the World Cup.
Can get some decent two stop BC fares to Europe, both options go via KL with Malaysia Airlines who I rate as having one of the best Business class going around. Option 1 would be Adelaide to KL with MA and then Oman Air to any number of European cities via Muscat. Option 2 is the same to KL but then Turkish Airlines via Istanbul which is a $300 more expensive. I love Istanbul and as my wife hasn’t been there I’d happily go back but Muscat intrigues me. A couple of quicker but far more expensive options with Qatar, Emirates and others to consider aswell. Royal Jordanian has some specials aswell but fly out of Bangkok and Royal Brunei do great deals to London from Melbourne and are fantastic. So many options now and it’s doing my head in lol


@Albert_Thurgood What kind of help do you need? My advice would be to shop around. There are plenty of reputable hire car companies that are not your Hertz, Avis, Thrifty etc. (that you’d know in Oz). Alamo and Enterprise are good choices.


Have you tried


My first time in Bourbon St, think I will move here


Every block is different…one block jazz clubs, next one strip clubs, next one souvenir shops, next one gay clubs.

Stick to the tucker. Best in the world.


Oh, come on.


If you like spicy seafood…

I love Cajun food.

What’s better? And don’t say Japanese!


Well of course it is a matter of taste (literally).
I’ve been to New Orleans a couple of times & the food was OK, but I much preferred it in Hanoi & Oaxaca.