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Had exactly the same reaction a few years ago. New Orleans is a place of magic.


Music is great, booze is good, food is OK, but I prefer Italy or Melbourne.

Oysters were good, shrimp is good and while steak is good quality, they have no idea on how to cook a rare piece of meat. And those sandwiches from Deli are good, but so farking huge.


I never even thought of steak when in New Orleans.

Why would you when you’ve got Shrimp Creole, Crawfish Etoufee, Jambalaya, Seafood Gumbo, Barbecued Shrimp, Oyster or Shrimp Po’Boys etc etc etc.

And besides that, if anybody gave me a rare steak, I’d send the f**ker back and ask for them to at least cook it to medium. Rare steak I find disgusting. Medium at least, and often medium-well because some people’s idea of medium is still blo*ody.


I’d love to see you order that steak in France. It’d make for a great scene.


I only eat well done steak and any sign of blood and it’s goes back. Get a few looks and mutterings from staff from time to time. Didn’t have a problem in France, found the Asian countries especially have trouble cooking it to my liking


We ask for our steak to be blue everywhere to get it rare.

The bbq shrimp at every place has been over cooked and today we had lunch at the Gumbo Shop which was recommended by everyone and the Jambalaya was bland and the Gumbo was not tasty either. Had some blackened catfish that was spicy and good, and alligator sausage was interesting


I like it rare but came across a few foreigners who unfortunately had to deal with very precious chefs when I lived in Paris.


Go to O’briens for the dueling pianos, great night
PS stay out of trouble
Cops did random searches & found 12 people carrying


I always order Medium-Well Steak…if you order well done they usually burn it to smitherines and if u order medium sometimes you get blood.


I had a BBQ shrimp in a restaurant on Royal St…very, very buttery and spicy, and the shrimp (our normal prawns) were still in the shell. They offered me (and I accepted) a full-body paper bib.

After I’d finished, the waitress asked how I went. I replied that I was fine, and it was delish, but the diners within a two-table radius would probably be suing them for the dry cleaning.

I never went to Antoine’s or Paul Prudhomme’s, but everywhere i went was great. Made it every morning to Cafe du Monde opposite Jackson Square for the beignets and café au lait too.


Pascals Manale, I reckon.

They call it bbq but it is grilled in a butter sauce. Yep very nice and the coffee at Cafe du Mondr is good as were the pastries


Bourbon St is overrated, IMO. Too touristy. Much preferred Frenchman St. Better vibe, better music and felt more authentic.

The food in Louisiana is amazing. Recommended is the Olde Nawlins Cookery on Bourbon St. The jambalaya pasta and the crawfish etoufee are fantastic.

If you find a place selling boudin balls anywhere then make sure you grab a couple. Absolutely freaking delicious.


In thirteen hours I head to Thailand Laos Vietnam Cambodia. Hopefully I’m a bit more sober by then…


Azza knows Norleans!


I must be in the minority - thought NOLA nightlife/food sucked

But then again not a massive drinker and the seafood doesn’t even compare to Australia.

Booked in our roadtip for xmas

NYC - Philly-Savannah-Orlanda-Anna Marie Island-Charleston



TBH I wasn’t blown away by the food. The best meal we had was at a seedy bar just around the corner from where we we staying. Was a perfectly cooked steak and from memory the whole thing including many drinks cost around $30.

What amazed me was the welcome and the friendliness of pretty much everyone. From the red carpet at the airport to the homeless guy who escorted us back to the French Quarter when we were obviously hopelessly lost.


Agree with all that. I still cannot get over the size and cost of meals. Had breakfast in a nice place today and ordered Eggs Benedict, four poached eggs on muffins with loads of bacon. Couldn’t eat it all


Haha. I will say it’s my favourite of the US cities Mrs Azza and I have visited. It’s dirty, grimy and not particularly pretty but it has a ton of history, a lot of soul and is charming in its own way.


I agree - it is like a Disneyland for adults.


That streetcar ride along St Charles Avenue is sensational.

Don’t go near the Superdome after dark, and don’t hang around too long near the cemeteries up near North Rampart, and don’t hang around gawking in the Lower Ninth Ward. The locals don’t like it.