Travis Colyer

- 4 years on the list

- out of contract

- has unquestionably improved his kicking but has not shown much development in other facets of his game

- has what we need (pace)

- a handful of ripping performances over his 4 years but probably not enough

- how can we get more out of him, could he benefit from a new roll (running out of a back pocket for example)?

- contract, trade, delist ???



1 year contract. Another chance. Thought he was good where he stringed 3 games in a row but eventually did his calf.

Was it this preseason where he was flying but had his thumb injured and slowed down?

Gotta give him AFL time before judging him too harshly.


Played well in the games he did play before injury. Polar opposite to Jetta.

Played some decent footy when given a shot this year, and has serious pace. Definite keeper at this stage.

Wouldn’t delist him. Shop him around maybe, but we can’t be getting rid of players with genuine pace.

Tried hard, takes the game on.  And before anybody else says it, he's quick.  Genuinely quick.  


Don't trade.

Yep, definitely worth another year.

No way we will happily trade him.

Agree with Pee-Toe. One of the few youngens on our list that can break lines. Can't really afford to lose him considering what we'd get in exchange (late 2nd rounder?)

I will burn down windy hill if we get rid of him…and yes I know we have moved

I think he is quick

Played well yesterday imo and showed plenty of pace yesterday. Deserves a decent run at it, perhaps in Davey’s spot.

Would really like him to stay, an impact a game in the way Jetta and Davey cannot. I’d like to see him permanent floating around the CHF line but that doesn’t seem very fashionable ATM.

Tried hard, takes the game on.  And before anybody else says it, he's quick.  Genuinely quick.


Don't trade.

Something in VERY short supply at our club.


Do NOT trade.

Must de-list or trade Jetta or Davey or both before Colyer.

I thought the rumour was that HE was looking elsewhere... maybe looking to go home to WA for family reasons or something?

Keep him. His kicking is so much better, and pace to burn. Better option than Leroy.

Screw WA.

Dispassionately - 

I don't think he would've gotten another contract, but he probably will now.


I thought he was fairly disappointing this year, when it was all in front of him - Davey dropped off, Jetta disappeared, Dell didn't kick on, Winderlich missed a lot of footy, Zaha missed a bit, Howlett probably had his least consistent year - Travvie got a few goes in a midfield role. Easily could have, and he just didn't, at any point.


Last year fell flat with the thumb injury, but IMHO he was better in 2011 than 2010, and both of those were better than his 2012 or 2013.


There's a spot there for him - easily. I'm not sure he'll grab it.

HAP summed it up perfectly.


I think the club will see if there is much interest at the trade table - If not he will be offered another one year contract.