Tribunal/MRO 2023 & 2024 - Choose your own adventure continues

my heart weeps for this war criminal


Where does these leave Merret in the brownlow odds 2nd or 3rd favourite?

and under the new rulings, that exactly how it should be interpreted. As a player, if you do an any action, your accountable for the outcome if there is head contact …. unless its a marking attempt … at this stage


Heeneys giving off massive Tom Harley vibes in that video.

Kind of hope he doesn’t poll the most votes on brownlow night just to make it sound even more ridiculous.


heeneys giving off massive sydneysider vibes


Swans should have got Tom Papley to shake the Tribunal Chair leg.

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You mean Dane Rampe right? And by shake you mean climb.


That’s right. I get confused. Both turds


… and you play for Essendon (remembering 2MP).

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And Rampe to climb something illegal.

Edit: as per @Bigpapa

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That video message :joy:

You just hate to see a career interrupted like this. I hope can recover his great form of 2024 when he finally returns from his prison sentence.


I read that as “marketing attempt”…fkn Sydney, fkn AFL

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Heeney, meany, miny, moe.
Whacked a sainter, his nose flow.
If he hollers, the brownlow go.
Heeney, meany, miny, d’oh.


Heeney’s case is an indictment on the club. Swans were prepared to sacrifice funds even if the odds were stacked against them. Why couldn’t EFC transfer me funds? I offer an equally low return on investment as the swans.

The problem is mainly with the tribunals not assessing incidents inline with the rules the way the AFL wants them to. AFL should appeal or sack tribunal members if they don’t interpret cases in line with the intent of the rules the AFL makes.

It would get rid of so many of the Cripps like decisions which makes being found guilty or innocent like playing Russian roulette.

Nick Daicos at $5.00 lols Merret is having the better year imo

It’ll be interesting. They’ve both had their share of quiet games.


Supercoach still can’t believe that he’s suspended.

Yes but Zack doesn’t have the Daicos ‘vibe’, does he? Plus, he plays for Essendon so he is held to a higher standard than anyone else! Remember the Essendon 34, not one positive drug test between them!