Troy Pannell & Leigh Fisher


I got some feedback from my enquiry to AFL on the htb decisions - Saad this year and McKenna last year.

Their internal review last year found the McKenna htb was an umpire error, as that brief non impeding shorts tug should not have counted as a correct tackle. They do consider Saad was htb, although I disagreed with the reasoning which was that the tackle hit before he got the ball back.

So net result - McKenna call should not happen again. It’s not touch football after all - hooray. Saad was clearly considered close, and while I don’t like the reasoning given for the call, I’d agree it’s an arguable instance for different reasons (how immediate is immediate disposal with prior?)

I was impressed I even got a response, so props to them.

I reckon they seem better this year, and not just because they replied in this case!


Just reminded me of joking with him about this last night, he’s a fkn crack up and a great sense of humour,…

I can’t quite recall exactly how it all went, but somewhere along the line he agreed that if he’d wear a mouth guard he won’t leave any forensics behind next time…

“NEXT time ???”


The bounce after a few steps actually sets up his run with the ball, gets him prepared for the next 3 or 4 bounces.


It also means that he can’t actually make a quick disposal of the ball for another 4-5 steps, so quite likely will miss the first option that makes itself available as he is committed to bouncing the ball, retrieving the ball, and then making a decision on what happens next. You don’t bounce the ball in those first few steps as that is when you should be looking for the best available option. You only bounce the ball if running and bouncing IS the best available option.

I understand he is still developing his game awareness and he has certainly come a long way since he first got here, but it is something he needs to learn.


Agree with you George, . it would be good if they can work on getting him to break the auto bounce habit.


#22 was an absolute disgrace today

Sick of the blatant bias against us


We played so poorly today that I cant even be ■■■■■■ complaining about the umpires


Once we warmed ourselves up on BB, we need to email the club and tell them what we think.


Dont bother.

When I was on hold the recording said to keep waiting because emails can take up to 5 days to be acknowledged.


when you’re on hold like that just start swearing up a ■■■■ storm. apparently something happens…


I didn’t have the benefits of (many) replays but that seemed to be the Worst. Umpiring. Ever. when it came to adjudicating marks (distance, man in front, actually catching it, being touched, pushes and shepherds, hacking, front-on contact)…


My best 3 today were

  1. In the back free against Mutch after tackling a Melbourne player (don’t know and don’t care who it was) who had just thrown the ball after having had prior opportunity to dispose of it.
  2. Tippa on the ground with his hands on the football (not, repeat NOT having slid in), gets a free against him for taking the legs of a Melbourne player who literally ran over his arms.
  3. Luenberger penalised for not looking at the ball in a marking contest, when he didn’t make contact of any sort with Gawn, (resulting in a goal from the free).

Honourable mention to the 50m penalty (resurrected after being rightly put to rest after rd1) against Ambrose for not disappearing instantaneously from the face of the earth when caught in the exclusion zone. For God’s sake, use some common sense in allowing the player an opportunity to get out of the area.


The maggots are great at cheating, not so great in concealing that that is what they are doing.

But I think they don’t care any more. They just do it because there never are any repercussions.


Is it legal to shepherd/block the man manning the mark?

Neal-bullen shepherd one of our guys who was standing the mark on one the Gawn goals. Gawn has feee reign to run around snap his goal with little pressure.

I thought they banned that after the Hawks made it a trademark


tippa not paid for a dropping the ball tackle was pretty impressive


What about the “lets randonly call play on against Baguley after 3 seconds” decison. wtf was that.

There was a holding the ball decison not paid against Jones I think where he took on 2 tacklers, got pinned and threw it one handed.


Remember when Alan Bond used the “I don’t remember” defence?
Umpires just say “I didn’t see it”


Player says “I know I can cheat on the wing side of play”.

But yeah, plenty involve the ump with perfect vision and just denying the spirit and/or word of the game because they’ve been told to do so.


Worst was neither of two umpires with a clear view not paying ball against Jones when Tippa got him early in the last.


Didn’t tippa get first hand on the footy and man in front for a mark.

One umpire called it a ball up, which was probably fair, the other one came in and paid a mark to Melb.