Troy Pannell & Leigh Fisher


Never seen anything quite like it. Nathan Williamson is his name. He’s either terribly incapable or had 1k on the Dee’s. ■■■■■■■ cheat.

I get we’re ■■■■. He made certain that even when we were playing all over them in the first half, we didn’t inflict too much damage.


The ne that legit looks like a rat ( 22i think) just destroys us every time he umpires one of our games


Yep the Baguley play on was right up there. He immediately held the ball in the air and stopped. I can’t see what part of his actions could have been interpreted as playing on.
And the one handed release the ball when tackled thing is happening all the time, but yes, Jones had had prior, and it was holding the ball even if it had been jarred free.


that was amazing.


So many terrible umpiring decisions it’s becoming harder and harder to watch the footy. That Hurley v Dusty one. Ffs
Rance taking a dive.
Ridley being held out by nankervis

These dumb umpires ruin the momentum of a game


Love this noting his dive last night. He can go and ■■■■ himself


It’s not so much that they get it wrong. Its that they get it wrong at the worst possible time.

Bad umpiring decisions at vulnerable/opportune times break teams. Its not just Essendon games.

I love the Bombers and the game but it is difficult to have any respect for the AFL and the grossly unqualified people who run it.


The umpiring in that last 10 minutes of the 2nd Qtr last night ruined a potentially great game


The umpire ( number 8) always destroys us every single time


And blonde 22


Gee some shocking stats being quoted on SEN.

Eagles v Saints over in the west over the last 4 years - 95 free kicks for, 39 against!

The Eagles win the free kick count 3 out of 4 games over there and are now averaging 7 plus free kicks a game more than their opponents over there.


Benny the reason for that is the crowd can only make two sounds booo and ball. So the umpires are influenced by it ,as they are not a very intelligent species.


Did you see that number 7 prick against GWS.
Boy oh Boy wowee was he bad, and only towards one side surprisingly.


I am sick and tired of the media saying “players make mistakes but we don’t get stuck into them like we do with the umpires”. Bullshit we don’t, we get right into them.

And I am sick of people saying “umpiring is the toughest job on the field” or it is very very hard to be an umpire. Bullshit again, the umpire just needs to look in front of him, that is all and call what he sees. A player, when he is in possession of the ball, can get hit from 360 degrees and has to work out the best option, the umpire only has one option.

Umpiring the game is easy, they (and the AFL) over complicate it with adding in “umpires interpretation”.

If you see a hold, pay it. If you’re not sure, don’t pay it.
HTB: If he has had prior opportunity then there is no “it came out in the tackle”.


Some umpires over complicate the job by looking for free kicks to be paid - some seem to do it more towards one side than the other and I think reputation of the side/ player has too much to do with it.


I’d be interested if someone could explain the holding the ball rule to me, but preferably to the umpires.
Which takes precedence when interpreting the rule?

Is it?
A) No prior opportunity
B) The tackle knocked the ball free
C) Incorrect disposal
or, my personal favourite
D) He tried

Why must a player convulse like someone suffering a seizure so they don’t get pinged?
Why don’t the umpires blow the whistle sooner when everyone knows they are going to pay holding the ball against a guy lying on the ground with 7 opposition players on top of him, and usually with the ball behind him?
Why don’t they pay a free against, when the tackled player has both arms free yet still doesn’t dispose of the ball correctly?
Why is every team we play allowed, with impunity, to drop the ball when tackled?


It’s easy.
When we have the ball - it’s always C
When the opposition have the ball - it’s always A,B or D depending on the player involved

  1. Most people have never read the rules.
  2. The rules are inconsistently applied anyway.
  3. There are undocumented rules (e.g. when is a drop kick legal?)


All I want is consistency. Among umps among games.
The number of times I’ve seen the player in front thrown aside only to get a free for holding takes me back to Sydney last year when Parker grabbed Gleeson, threw him aside and took the mark, was paid and won the game. I still cringe when I see that.
A rule at the beginning of a game is still the rule at the end.
CONSISTENCY, that’s all I ask. Right or wrong just be consistent.


Too hard to decide the outcome if you are consistent - cannot leave it up to the players - I mean really…