Troy Pannell & Leigh Fisher


Umpires should wear headphones that block out external noise and intercom with the other umps.


Thereby leaving the players free to tell them what they really think?


Yep. Accusations of bias aside, this “rule of the week” rubbish and the way that umpires will knowingly change the way they adjudicate according to how a given game is going can make it hard to legitimately call this activity a sport. Amateur hour.


The good news is that Fark Carlton have the added stress of being on the frontline when it comes to discovering Rule of the Week.


I hate it when there is a rucking infringement and none of the players know who the free is for.

The players don’t know, the crowd don’t know, therefore don’t ■■■■■■■ pay it.!


Even worse is the advantage call after the mystery ruck free.


I love me a random ruck infringement!


How come you get “Both holding each other” in ruck contests but not in the other teams forward line?


Heard this morning (on 3AW?) that Hawthorn players/coaches were brought in so the umps could demonstrate/test their new rules.

I can’t fathom how anyone could see this as a problem.



I heard that, such a joke.

“ hey Clarko thanks for your help with that, here is another 20 free’s”


■■■■■■■ cheating ■■■■■


Beware Pannell is back ,just in time for Perth.


might as well just forfeit the game now if we get him this week


Are they doing 4 umpires this week?

Pannell Marghetts Nicholls Fisher

Oh baby!


How could anyone Like this post?


That #22 gives me the screaming toms.


Rhyming slang? What does that mean?

They are a ■■■■■■■ disgrace. #22 is a cheat, in the same league as Rosebury and Pannell


Tom Titts


margets one of the worst you’ll see tonight