Turns out the Shockers are — review thread


TIPPA and Shiel with all the goal, you know you’re winning.

Match thread vs the Shockers (2019 round 9)

Francis and Guelfi’s one percenters made all the difference


The perfect streak is still on, Tippa goals and WE WIN!!!


■■■■ the umpires. Dead set ruining ANY enjoyment in the game.


Stringer killed Fyfe at the centre bounces.


Geez the umpires keep managing to find new ways to confuse me every week


Francis covered a lot of ground in that last quarter to fill gaps down back.


join me


he looked good…


Joe and Josh .8 was the difference !!!


I’m overseas btw, couldn’t see the 2 controversial free kicks. Would be good if someone can provide a link of the vision.


■■■■ the AFL.
Saying that after a win.


Umpires ruined whatever enjoyment there was to be had from that game.

Go neck yourselves.


Guelfi was really good. Shiel 2 goals 25 possessions at 76 percent. Stringer good. Umpires are an absolute joke.


Well, we definitely won.


It was three controversial free kicks if you umpire holding the ball like they did in the last quarter of the collingwood game.

Absolute disgrace

Should have booed the umps off again


If you are enjoying being your day, you don’t want to see them


I would fear for all of our mental health had we lost after those free kicks.

That first one against Redman was unbelievable.


Happy with Begleys first game back. Was a little bit off the pace as you would expect, but got involved and normally would have kicked at least 3 of the chances he got tonight


I was listening on a flight and it sounded like they did get booed off the ground?