Turns out the Shockers are — review thread


Thought it was funny when Roos and whoever the other common potatoes on Foxtel said after that Walters free kick “well the AFL will probably tick that off too as being OK” referring to the Rampe post climb last week
I usually hate what Roos has to say but he was spot on


absolutely ■■■■ game to watch, good to get a win, there were some positives but geez just not inspiring at all and in all reality just delayed the inevitable a week longer.

To be fair though, most games this year are just absolutely ■■■■ to watch. Good old AFL, i want to fix the games so there’s more scoring, i know we will introduce new rules to combat the defensive ugly games.
they seriously ■■■■ up everything they touch so i dont’ know why they think they can recreate the good old days by their incompetence


Bit harsh. He did a job. Took a very important mark late in the final quarter when freo were pressing.,


I know Joe did some silly things last night, but Woosha would be encouraging him to take the game on. When he has played more within himself he has looked better, in the context of coming back after a long injury layoff. But now he is probably trying to find his full mojo.

I’m hoping Woosha is right when he says "We’ll keep working really hard at that and when it comes, it’ll come in a real rush and we’ll see it. “We’re not far off it.”

I’m choosing to believe, because like Joey, we have the talent, let’s just hope it starts next week.


I was there. Never been less enthused about an Essendon win I don’t reckon. We were average city and they were slightly worse. Ugh


With 30 seconds to go?


That’s @Paul_Peos I think


If anyone could lose after being 7pts up with under a min, Essendon could. Mcniece mark relaxed me.


Ross Lyon in typical jovial form at the post-match press conference: “I don’t think either team walks away with many bouquets being thrown in the air about performance”

Hard to disagree.


Seemed the like the handballs were dished out too hard to team mates too close.


With some key players returning, winning the next two sets up the EFC for a powerful run home.


We need to play way better than that. Our kicking is still horrible and we simply don’t know how to defend at speed. Not much synergy between anyone.
There is either massive holes in our game plan that make it near impossible to follow or we have assembled a low footy IQ group with ordinary skills.


Ding, Ding, Ding.

We have a winner!


yeah, stop watching then.


Absolutely the game has a problem. Wont take long. The umps will fark a few more games. Hopefully not ours…

Needs to be fixed before finals.


They licked 8 behinds?


So your saying he didn’t look like a completely different player last night, holy grail pls

He hasn’t been good, last night was a very big improvement


I think you view things a bit more black and white than I do - either bad or good.

I think there’s a lot more shades in there.

IMO he was poor two weeks ago, passable last week and good this week. So he’d showed decent signs of improvement, which is the main thing you want out of kids.


Obviously not the umpires…


Was it also Roos who said that the fans should climb the post in protest. That was pretty funny.