Turns out the Shockers are — review thread


But their employer is a bigger CVNT


Ive always liked Eddie as a commentator…just its not right that he is, regardless of weather he can commentate pies games or not, just feels a bit wrong.


Yeah he still can’t believe the reaming we got on Anzac Day & is mightily appreciative of it too


A victory for the coaching staff. Our setups were excellent, match ups correct, and but for some bullshit calls we’d have flogged them.


Noticed that too… what a joke.


Finally the Bombers give a ROI


That was hard work. The Walters free was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. But I’m really happy with some of the younger players: Guelfi, Redman, Franga, McGrath, Ambrose and The Langford. Stringer, Hepp , Hurls and Saad awesome. Joe D had a shocker but bizarrely could easily have had four. Benny McNiece did nothing.

The good news is that we started to get some system happening in the second half. Not a lot but enough to give us some hope.

Did I mention the Walters free? In some ways it was the highlight of the night in some sick masochistic sort of a way. Just an absolute shocker.

EDIT: somehow forgot to mention Zerrett. Superb aggressive footy all evening long.


2nd time this year they’ve won $1000 from a $10 bet :grin: all bets go out the window when the game is on the line, just want to see them win. Haha


Actually could someone post the Walters free so I can egg my phone.


Nice tight win but I still believe we are a long way off the big boys of the comp.


Can we please get some love in here for Langford:

  • 24 disposals (13 of them were contested)

  • Won a lot of ball in the congestion, while being matched up on Fyfe.

  • He went at 87.5% disposal efficiency for the game.

  • He only played 69% of game time (lowest on our team)

Kid was fantastic. Looked like he did last year, when he had some confidence.


If Langford were to put in the game that Daniher did tonight, he’d be back to the twos so fast his head would spin. Daniher was absolutely putrid -couldn’t hit the side of a barn, nfi in the ruck, running under the ball, ludicrously ill-timed flying for marks, staging for frees.
Put simply, one of the worst games I’ve seen from an Essendon player. A terrible performamce in a terrible game.


Thought Zaka was good tonight. He’s one of the senior players now and if we are to do anything this year he has to play like that every week.


No worries - just watch next week.

I GUARANTEE they will be much more shittey than tonight.


AFL and maggots alike say: 'hold my beer"

I guarantee they will out peak-shitness that effort as early as next week.


Big fan of Parish, Redman.
Shiel played very well…

Joe Dan warming up.

We still lack forward chemistry but if we can just hang in there until we get Mckernan and Brown into the side.


Which is next week. Both are due back for the Tigers game.


My blood pressure can’t wait to see that.


Amazing to think the election wasn’t the stupidest decision you’d see today.

Nichols is ■■■■■■.


Couple of random thoughts from the game

Francis looked like a completely different player tonight. Keep it up Aaron

Joe was at his selfish dumb best tonight. Flying for mark of the year when all he had to do was bring it to ground. Missing very easy set shots. Not sure why he is in the leadership group to be honest.

Stringer- just give the guy the b n f now. Just stands up time and time again. His ability to keep his feet while everyone around him is falling over is absolutely elite

Tippa- back to the tippa of old

Redman- everytime he has the ball im calm. Always makes the right decisions and his kicking is very very good. Looks almost like he has become the designated distributor from the backline

Shiel was fantastic. Best kicking game. So awesome seeing him nail those goals

Hep was good especially in the congestion

Langford best game of the year. Still gets caught ball watching at times but brought an intensity tonight that has been missing

Parish plays his best footy when Myers isn’t in the side and he plays more midfield

When we win games it seems to be through talent, not through a proper system. It’s more coming down to individual brilliance than a proper game style imo. Though props to worsfold for trying something new and coaching from the bench

Umpires were a disgrace again. That redman one was just outright cheating, Walter had his back to the ball and making front on contact with redman. Then redman takes him slightly high. Redman should of been paid the free first for the contact. Nicholls is pure scum

Our midfield needs to become much more accountable. To often Fremantle just streamed through the middle under no pressure. Especially in the first 3 qtrs