Turns out the Shockers are — review thread


Playing any combination of Langford/Zaka/Myers in the middle will cost you opponents running the other way if the ball doesn’t go our way.

Parish gives you grit, hard running, intensity and decent kicks with intent going forward at the times where Myers gives you jumping on the ball and holding it up, or a hack kick that is most often a turn over

We look so much better with no Myers, and absolutely scintilating (vs north) when there’s a combination of zaka/myers/langford out

Hepp we forgive because he’s our workhorse for the ball, but these 3 have been letting the opposition have a free man run past for a handball receive for years and don’t get called out on it.


Seriously, Begley was Poor
looking forward to Laverdes game tomorrow.
Would do a straight swap.
also secretly hoping mosquito kicks a bag.


Took one nice mark at the end to ensure a win.


We should consider trading him. I think he is treating Essendon and the entire club as one big party. He is our Nick Kyrgios.

Never rated him, and we should ignore his name and look at what he has contributed over the duration of his career, but it hasn’t been much so far, imo.


Thought zaka was good tonight. Kicking was good, put on a really good tackle in the last qtr too. Put his body on the line a few times too


I said last week good teams win ugly so good to get the win. We were poor but Freo made us poor, very disciplined side. Glad we stuck at it and blew the game apart, too bad the cheating ■■■■■ brought them back into it, would have been a 7 goal win.


Yes and no. Though it does feel like he’ll cost us quite a few games.


Been working at the election so saw and heard nothing of the game. Is there any way to access a stream other than Foxtel or kayo (neither of which I have)?


Frustrating at times but he’s come back early.
I’m glad he plays for us.


Young bloke playing his 8th game and first after missing 12 months through injury. Managed to get 4 shots at goal and involved in other scores. Saying he was poor is a bit harsh imo. I wouldn’t say he was good, but had he kicked straight he would have had a pretty good game. All things considered i’m satisfied with his first game back, confident he will improve from here.
I’m a fan of Laverde, but he needs to put together some uninjured games. I hope Mosquito kicks a bag too, but he isn’t playing afl any time soon I wouldn’t have thought


Mate, after working at the election all day, this is the last thing you should do to yourself.


Baguley is in the bottom few players every farkin week, Woosha needs to show him the Door as he has done with Myers and give some else a go in that spot


Guelfi 3 votes tonight. He saved our as$ with his one percenters.
Shiel 2 votes
Stringer/Hurley can share the 1.


Yes it’s harsh indeed on Begley. “Poor” should be reserved tonight for Daniher. He really was poor… Very poor indeed.


I though Baguley was good in spurts, had some key long leads and marks when we were under the pump in defence


The umpires are the Bill shorten of the AFL.




This was a bad match, and if you see certain umpiring decisions you will become enraged. I’d let it go lol.


I was very nervous until tippas first goal, then that calmed me. and then he got a second and a third, And Shiel goals too it was surely our day
then the chumps tried to ruin it, but we managed to hold on.
gritty win, when should have been a % booster.

if we miss finals or top 4 lol by % this year…well…we will rue those umpires screwing us.


But is he gonna take us to the 8 or top 6. We need to blood younger options there. Sure he might stay in for a few more games, but he’ll be In the VFL with Myers and Clarke before the seasons out.