Turns out the Shockers are — review thread


Not too sure what that has to do with Begleys game tonight?

But pretty sure Baguley was dropped last week and only got back in the side because basically every other option for that spot is injured


I thought he was managed…not dropped.


Couldn’t disagree more. If Bags has played last week we would have won. He’s selfless and does so much that goes unnoticed.


The umps are not “meh”!


Moronic comments


Managed/dropped, I dont care. Either way he didn’t play and he had nothing to do with what I came here to discuss


How much of a grub was Walters tonight, he spent the entire game playing for free kicks and appealing to the umpires.

Fk off.




Got an ugly win finally.which is something we have struggled with in recent years. Hopefully a good preparation game for the tiges next week. Next week will show us exactly where we are in my opinion




Consciously didn’t check the scores until after the game. Just purchased 6 quart bottles of Tiger and going to sit on the balcony and watch the replay. Might even have one or two for ScoMo :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Ugly win against uglier opposition not helped by the ugliest of umpiring decisions in the final quarter but I’ll take a win like that any day after what we’ve had to put up with the past three weeks.

Joe’s showboating and wanting to take hangers from behind almost every time the ball enters our F50 is just an ugly blight on his game, not to mention his set shots on goal. The guy is an unique talent but sometimes plays as if he believes his own hype. Needs to do the one percenters and team things more often just like Stringer does.

Thought that TBell battled manfully under duress as he does seem to be carrying an injury most weeks. He was pretty important in a number of contests around the ground, whether he marked the ball or not, and also privided blocks and shepherds which helped the mids clear the ball more efficiently.

Shiel was excellent all night and that Bomber roar from the crowd and reaction from his teammates after he kicked his first goal for the club was probably the highlight of the night for me.

Guelfi’s never-say-die attitude with all those smothers, spoils and throwing of his body in dangerous situations was outstanding and set the tone for the gradual improvement from the team as the game wore on. He was just sensational tonight.

Walla, Zaka, Zach, Hurls, Redman, Stringer and Francis all made solid contributions tonight as well.

An ok win in possibly the worst game of football that I’ve seen thus far this season.


Your kidding right…lets see how you feel after the tigers game…they are the quickest team in the comp, and he will be exposed


Yep everytime he got the ball he would duck his head looking for a free.EVERY.SINGLE.TIME


That holding the ball agains Langford was exactly the ones the AFL said we’re not holding the ball on Anzac Day.

McGrath got tunneled in the last with a couple of minutes to go. Compare that to the free that was paid against McNiece against Fremantle last year for bumping Walters in the side and marking the ball and tell me the game isn’t farked.


Yep scrappy win

Need to improve ten fold for tigers.

we seemed to play tempo footy a bit better.

But we were very lucky they missed some gettable shots early, yes we missed a lot too.

Commentators love Fyfe wouldnt shut up about him, I guess we will get the same with Dusty next week. Thought that stringer starting centre bounces was positive. and we did a pretty good job overall on Fyfe and we got to see Ambrose on him as well when he went forward.

Backline did well most of the game - that pelican Taberner ended up on 0 goals so I was pleased.

Stringer took some good grabs up forward.
Daniher had some chances - long shots, but i expect him to kick some of those next week. looked a bit spent after all the ruck work.
Bellchambers was good - but we struggled when he was off. but with no Nankervis I cant see us play a second ruck next week.
Might be interesting if one of Brown and McKernan come straight back in the side though.
Tippa got cleaned up big time by bellchambers, was pretty quiet early but then had a cuple of trademark goals, and put lots of pressure on the ball carrier so played his role well tonight and was crucuial to the win.
Shiel - so happy he hit the scoreboard.
Begley - since he is such a good kick for goal usually i was dissapointed. and also didnt believe his Vfl form to have been that good and wouldn’t be surprised if he was dropped, yes he did have some score involvements and is a talent of the future.
Langford did enough to hold his spot I would hope same with Francis and Parish, its great to be getting some games/development into these guys.
McNeice was ok, and we may plan on keeping him in next week against tigers small forwardline, his disposal was good.
zaharakis was good early and was tirelessy running all game. sometimes he misses a tackle or gets pushed off it a little easily but his effort was 100% there today. 32 disposals, 6 marks 5 tackles and a goal almost a complete game from him.
Merrett and SHiel are both quality and back to their best. I would ahve Merrett as slightly more important to us and our run. And expect him to get the Tag more often than not. Great to see SHiel hit the scroreboard twice.
Would like to see Guelfi’s 1% stats - If I was juddy I would say he put his body on the line and won some critical contests, Hair looks better this week.
Redman was solid this week. I expect him to get more of the ball the rest of the year as our distributor off half back. - MCkenna/saad can run, Redman hit a bullet pass. Expect him to get fired up against the tigers.

Hooker was solid down back and being the general organising the back line


Langford was rubbish tonight. The stats for pressure acts don’t reflect his lack of impact in the contest. Not up to it. Begley messy but a promising return. Good to get a win but let’s not get ahead of ourselves I reckon.


Happy to get the win but our team defence is worse this year than last year. Teams bring it down the whole field with ease if there is a turnover. If only we got a similar win last week while playing like garbage but at the moment we look like a bottom 6 team. No systems at all just scraping by on talent.


Reckon we’ll rinse Richmond. We’re due.

Smack to kick 5


Mongrel Punt review is by a Freo supporter. Still not too bad