Turns out the Shockers are — review thread


Didn’t watch the game, but those stats are nowhere near enough to prevent Myers being rushed back in next week at Langford’s expense.


This must be a team rule:
“When the opposition are carrying the ball with an overlap, every defender must push up, to rush the ball carrier”

…because I keep seeing Hurley come off his man to rush the ball carrier who is still 40m away. Unsurprisingly, he only gets about halfway across the gap, and the ball sails over his head to his original opponent.

I’d like him to be a bit more thoughtful with his timing!


I thought he was good without being not good


The hunger for the ball has come back. And we won because we put in that effort. And I would not change the team for a while.


Uninspiring win. Almost fell asleep. Won’t go far playing like that.


Francis looked like a completely different player tonight. Keep it up Aaron


You ain’t been watching.
His game was just a logical progression.
Despite all the drop kick nay sayers, he has been good and is getting better.


Wish you had fell asleep, didn’t see the game, and didn’t [email protected] in the bed.


I think your reply is not very informing without being informing


What does that mean?


This isn’t going to go down well, but watching the replay of the last quarter, I can see where they got those free kicks from.
Watching at the game and the replay on the big screen, I wanted to organise a lynch party. Absolutely lost my ■■■■

But in the cold, hard light of day, Redman did put his hand across Walters’ neck and Hurley did make contact in that marking contest without putting his own hands up to attempt the mark himself. They were both a bit technical, but relunctantly I can admit they were both probably there. The problem is that they pay free kick against us that they don’t pay earlier in the game or earlier in the season against other teams, and they do it at crucial moments that turn the game, ala Anzac Day. No consistency whatsoever.


We did what we had to.

Basically have one shot at resurrecting the season and that’s three more wins in a row against Richmond, Carlton and Hawthorn to get to 7-5. Even 2/3 only gets us to 6-6 (with WC away to follow).

We should win all three but I suspect we won’t have a plan to score enough to beat Richmond or Hawthorn (just like last year) and who knows v Carlton.




We did.


Yea nah.
Langford was good tonight. Better than Myers had been giving us this year. (I’m a Myers fan a well)
I reckon Langford takes his time in congestion, assess his options and tries to find the most damaging one to get the ball moving forward.


Good to see Kompany celebrating our win with his scarf last night


I then detailed the reasons we won’t but Richmond have half their team out, Carlton are Carlton and Hawthorn are a shadow of what they were.

If we’re a top six team we should win all three.

Narrator: but they were not a top six team.


Take your considered, unbiased and articulate assessment of the umpiring somewhere else, Bucko…


not sure that’s a positive TBH


Got the 4 points

But hardly a game to be excited about. And against a team who was more efficient at scoring & could punish our turnovers better we’d have lost again

Daniher is just so frustratingly unreliable as a fwd. Missed goals he should kick and can’t do the basics to bring ball to ground instead of trying to take mark of the year & giving away frees. With him and Francis (who was better this week though) as our key forwards just not impacting enough.

Thankfully Stringer has been very good all year

We need Smack back badly, next week?

Myers out has both an increased output from Zaka who was great & Langford was generally good I thought also.

Going to have to play a lot better than that to beat Richmond. But we can certainly do so.


It’s getting closer to an outright ground invasion. They’d want to pull these ■■■■■■■ heads in.