Turns out the Shockers are — review thread


He is a ■■■■■■■ sh*thouse umpire, and it was surely the most baffling decision of the year.
I was still furious after the game and wanted to give that cheating little ■■■■ Walters a serve as he left the ground.

Luckily for me,I didn’t make it down to Freo’s players exit in time from my seat on the top deck !


Langford was better for sure but I worry that he’ll dispose of it in time almost every time he has the ball.


Langford seems slow in thought and action.


Ablett hangs onto it, so did Jobe. He got caught once last night… I’ll take that every game if he gets 20+ possies and runs at nearly 90% efficiency.


Wouldn’t give that much credit to the post. Walters with back to the play, collecting Redman front on with no ‘intent’ for the ball, is not a free kick first… well, said poster has no idea.


Sick of Daniher. Childish little league attitude to the game. His brain is not AFL standard. Is simply a dumb footballer who will never be a smart footballer. I really believe the Essendon environment with its Daniher history gives him an earned comfort zone that affects his attitude and intensity.
Best for him and EFC to part ways.


Agree with all of your points, except I though Dys kept them in it with his kicking. My daughter’s favourite player. Huge heart. Can’t kick. Needs to talk to Jobe about what he did to clean it up.


We seem to have gone away from the defensive structure we used against Brisbane and Melbourne. I quite liked the 2 layer zone then man on man set up.


I thought Myers was playing at one stage. Great impersonation.


Dunno if its been mentioned but the crowd was 29k



There is no justification for awarding Walters a free in that situation…NONE
He is grossly out of position and not watching the ball even once.
Redman has position and is simply holding his position in the hope of marking the ball, as he is the only man in the contest who can mark the ball.

Walters,knowing he has no chance to win the footy, initiates contact with Redman front on and appears to have at least 1 arm wrapped around Redman.
As a result of this contact, Redman then makes incidental contact with Walters head that is minimal at best.
CLEARLY, a free kick to Redman first.

Nicholls should be banished to the bush for 1 month, and Walters can F*CK OFF if he is going to play the game like he’s entitled to free kick every contest.

Worst decision of the year (yes Hawthorn), the WORST !


A win is a win, although the umps seemed to be desperate for a Shocker’s win! We’ll need to play several hundred % better if we want to win next week.

Langford OK, should keep his spot. Zaka played well, too, surprising many on Blitz, I’d imagine.

Absolutely abysmal kicking for goal! Joe four behinds, Stringer one goal and how many did he miss? Thank goodness for Walla, who snapped back into form.


how’s the afl site. Two massive questionable frees at the end to say the least, but they pick out a free on the wing in the first quarter “that’ results in a bomber goal”
they really hate us don’t they


I’m not really a beleiever in vote with your feet, but it’s not surprising people didn’t go to what was clearly going to be a ■■■■ fight after the last three weeks.

I had something else on but for the first time in I can’t remember how long I decided to not go to a game in Melbourne when I was in Melbourne.


The WORST? I reckon the non-free when Rampe climbed the goalpost was worse!


Watched the replay again and thoughts as follows:

  1. We are a significantly better team talent wise than Freo but Lyon had them bring us down to their level. All our usual angles of attack were blocked meaning that we never looked instinctive. Out coached again.

  2. Jake Stringer was the key difference in a scrappy match. He was able to make space and time where nobody else could and was equally dangerous in the middle and up forward.

  3. Umpires were ok until they decided to try and turn the result of the match in the last seven minutes. I honestly can’t help but be tin foil hat when I watch those three frees resulting in goals for them.

  4. One positive was that we won a match that was played on freo’s terms. We don’t normally win those.

  5. Not sure what Baguley’s role is but surely we have someone better to have a go at it

  6. Francis looks a game or two away from absolutely exploding. Persist. Cracked in hard and hurt a few blokes, the big grabs will stick soon.

  7. Redman could legit become a league standout defender. Robbed twice with dodgy free kicks but otherwise dominated.

  8. Daniher is equally likely to win us a final as he is to lose us one. He’s great to watch but he does some really stupid stuff and he is flat out useless when the other team has the ball. Good to have him back all the same.

  9. Great games from Langford and Parish. Their best is significantly better than Myers even if their worst is about the same is his and they have growth in them. Leave them in the guts

  10. Ambrose must be nearly leading the B+F


That video was captioned and posted during the game. The frees at the end hadn’t happened when it was uploaded.


Quick to upload that one but not the 2 at the end hey.


They posted 1 Freo highlight v 5 of ours. I don’t know… it was late in the game, the digital team might started working on the longer highlights package they upload?


Stop making excuses for them GIL