Turns out the Shockers are — review thread


I’d like the rest of our players to put a bit of pressure on the ball carrier before it get anywhere near the opposition forward line. Hurls should not have to try to cover his man as well as the ones streaming unattended into their forward line.


Dodgy umps - shifty Shorten


Only against Essendon could a block or high be paid in that situation over the front on tackle in a marking contest - and we’re not even surprised just angry, laughable

The ‘block’ against Cale on Anzac, the Tippa ‘ducks’ no calls, the HTBs, the climbing the goal post, the Redman gets tackled in amrking contest free against, the Hurley something… PATTERN.


I don’t get anyone who thinks we were out coached.

Lyon flogged the corridor but we were able to retain the ball (huge possession % in our favour) and shut down their scoring decisively.

We survived a real danger game and should finally get some relief for our forward line.


Havnt you learnt about worsfold yet? That won’t stop him from being dropped. It’ll be the old ’ for structure and team balance against Richmond’s lineup’


in the second half for sure we seemed to make some adjustments we improved on this, the first half we were looked like a backed up toilet trying to figure a way around


Ease up, sunshine. I said I can see where they got it from, not that I agree with it. It was based on something, rather than the nothing that I thought at the time.
I think I might have some sort of idea.


A positive from last night, Taberner didn’t destroy us


Alright fine, Rampe non decision was the WORST.


Finally play a team whose goal kicking is as bad as ours. Winning.


Haven’t had a chance to watch the game yet, just a few highlights, but reading this Review thread,
Is it fair to say that:
Apart from our usual suspects- Merrett Shiel Stringer & Redman -
Our best players were all blokes that multiple Blitz posters wanted dropped/ fired from a cannon?
Francis forward
Zaharakis, Guelfi Walla Ambrose Langford?

If so it’s both pleasing, because the good players will also bounce back, and I can continue to ignore 90% of Blitz player assessments


I was at the game last night. It was a good all round effort in a scrappy overly defensive match; typical game style of Freo. Lots of individuals did good things, but overall, special praise goes to Hurley who kept us in the game when all looked lost.

As a general observation; our ball handling was woefully inadequate. Many handballs and kicks went to teammates knees or ankles; many handballs and kicks went over teammates heads. I guess it was the perceived pressure, but still… got to get better in this area.


Also…I can’t wait until Smack comes back.


Under the circumstances I thought it was a very solid crowd.

A bad run of recent form
Election - compulsory tv night for many
Interstate team with <1000 supporters.

Was expecting low 20’s.
Made Hawthorn’s 14k look pathetic.


Also…check out this guys shirt!


Crap game, but a win is a win.

Hopefully we look better next week, but we have played well at the G so far this season.


Smart people voting with their feet.


So if Browns good to go would he come straight in? He would have been able to run over the last few weeks, but his hand skills might be a bit rusty, what you guys think? In saying that though i was happy with Francis last night, but its just more of Browns natural position.


Played ugly didn’t deserve to win any way. Oh wait…


Is that a double negative