TV Highlights of the Week

SBS World Movie channel has some cracking movies on this week:
Mon 16/3/20 9.30pm Serpico- A Pacino stars as a straight cop in pre-gentryfied and bent NYC.
Tues 17/3/20 11.45pm Margin Call- Brilliant depiction of the lead up to and the immediate aftermath of the GFC from the perspective of the fictional company that could be described in contemporary terms as ‘patient zero’. Dry subject matter has never been so compelling.
Wed 18/3/20: 9.35pm Marathon Man- No one likes going to the dentist. Even less like getting their gob inspected by a former Nazi dentist. “Is it safe?”
Thurs 19/3/20: 9.35pm Network- Peter Finch’s character goes ape which leads to an unexpected outcome. Nightcrawler borrowed a fair bit from this satire on what drives commercial media.
Fri 20/3/20: 9.35pm Chinatown: Roman Polanski directs and gives Jack Nicholson’s character a nose job in one of the all time great movies from US cinema’s greatest decade.


Who still watches tv like that?

More like:
Monday any time you want any program you want, netflix
Tuesday any time you want any program you want, netflix
Wednesday any time you want any program you want, netflix
Thursday any time you want any program you want, netflix
Friday any time you want any program you want, netflix


Mon record Movie to VCR

Tue same
Wed same


Watch any of them whenever you want.

Who still uses a vcr?



All the time.

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Can you clarify what exactly you mean by ‘Straight’ and ‘bent’ here?

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Ah. I have free to air, Poxtel (which means I have a pvr), Netflix, and Amazon, so I’ve pretty much got the tv covered.

Yeah, I have access to most stuff I want through those platforms, … but there’s stuff on TV that isn’t on any of those services, and / or aren’t included in the On Demand thingys.

Lot’s of SBS stuff, on the Food Chan as one example.

Have several TV card type inputs into my desktop, and they auto run through a nifty little prog called Video ReDo that removes ads, and saves them in x264 mp4’s to save space., then just sit there waiting for me to watch.

I’m going to have to watch some of the backlog, and it seems the Covid may be a blessing in disguise from that POV.

Every Cloud, … :laughing:

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Anyone else watching 4 Corners tonight with mouth agape at these revelations/accusations on our Soldiers behaviour?

farken hell. :no_mouth:

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‘Straight’ as in not on the take and ‘bent’ as in on the take. For the alternate version of ‘straight’ and ‘bent’, you want to see that other A Pacino cop thriller, Cruising. May have to check with your preferred streaming provider as I’m not sure when it’s going to be on FtA.

It’s pretty full on.

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I am NOT surprised. I know someone who was over there and when they came back here - they lost the plot. Flashbacks, nightmares, screaming and weird behaviours. It was most unlike them and some of the stuff they witnessed was NOT o.k. They have a movie playing out in their head they can’t turn off.
His parents are looking after him but it is every parents worst nightmare.


Nope. Stick people in their environment for long enough, asking what we ask of those guys, and you’ll get some degree of this stuff. These guys are humans, not machine, and we ask some pretty incredible things of them.

And remember, these guys are not average soldiers. These guys see and do the hardest, nastiest, most demanding jobs the battlefield has.

But there are still rules. These people are tasked with doing things the rest of us don’t want to know about and aren’t capable of doing but they are elite for a reason so the behavioural expectations upon them are higher.

It’s very difficult to come up with a plausible explanation for some of the actions shown in that report.

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I think the only plausible explanation (and it’s not an excuse) is that if you have seen and done too much in that particular environment, then sometimes, some people are going to lose their compass. A sad situation for both the victim and the perpetrator.

No doubt about it. I think the most essential tool these people should have at their disposal is really switched on people around them who are cognisant of the signs of stress and who have the authority to withdraw individuals before it results in circumstances like this one. These blokes were already highly strung given what had just happened to their colleagues and naturally those in the field would be holding a fair grudge against the community who they believe were responsible. It would be unfair to burden the soldier responsible for the killing with sole accountability as it appears that the ‘system’ has allowed a highly capable and equipped person with a genuine desire to get square the opportunity to do exactly that. But the individual in question is also expected to remain professional in all circumstances because he has been judged to have the mental capacity and has had the training that only the very best receive.

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