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Severance what did you think?

Just started watching MAS*H after learning the theme song on guitar. I watched it as a kid but had no idea how clever it was. Now I know where Seinfeld got his banter from. Definitely aged politically (let’s just drug/sedate that guy we don’t like) but they are in a war zone trying to help people.


That’s Stingray from Cobra Kai



Did you say something about best hour of telly you’ll ever watch?


@dingus was first then me

Yep, pretty sound summation.

You could see a couple of twists coming (Marks missus for one) but it was just near to perfect.

Apparently they blended the fashion and the decor of the 60s, 70s and 80s to get the production values.

Can’t wait till, bugger - there’s another one I’m waiting for!

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I watched a show Murder in Provence on BritBox.

Set in Aix-en-Provence, it stars Roger Allam from Endeavour as a juge d’instruction. This is a different legal system where the judge actually directs the investigation. Trials are presided over by others.

Problem with this series is you virtually never hear anyone speaking French. The working classes even speak with regional British accents. Now that Brexit has completed, I wonder if they’ll allow the crew back in again. The three stories were Ok.

Another Brit series set in France is The Madame Blanc Mysteries starring (written by, created by) Manchester lass Sally Lindsay, who used to star in Coronation St and hosted Tenable when Warwick Davis was caught short. She goes to St Victoire in France when her husband dies in a car crash. A mystery woman is after the expensive ruby ring he’s bought for their antiques business. She does have a collection of Lancashire friends she meets there. And this does mix in with the (genuine) French villagers. On Acorn TV.

Shetland Series 7 started last week in UK. Recently rewatched final episode of 6 to remind me of the unresolved issues that no doubt will be part of the new series.

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Westworld was a much better season this time, im just not sure about the ending…

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Season 1 yes (and probably stop there). S2 was decent personally, but not nearly to the same standard as S1, however you’ll find others who gave up on the show during the season. It does wrap up some of the character arcs began in 1. S3 was horrid.

Finished Ozark last night. Good show, enjoyed the ending, four seasons was about right I reckon.


Britannia has been good thanks for the suggestion.

watching the GOT prequel tonight. (House of Dragons)


Curb Your Enthusiasm renewed for season 12


Just started watching a couple of SBS shows…

The Suspect starring James Nesbitt, Joely Richardson and Ben Miller. Nesbitt (playing his usual cop on the edge of losing it) goes to the morgue to check on an unidentified girl suicide and loses the rest of “it”.

And the dramatisation of Elena Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend, a series of 4 books set in Napoli in the postwar era. Only to episode 2, but boy! It reminds me of the Vittorio De Sica’s The Bicycle Thieves. No wonder so many Italians emigrated. In Italian with subtitles.

Also finished Whitstable Pearl with Kerry Godliman (After Life) as a cafe owner in the seaside town of Whitstable with a penchant for PI work. That’s on Acorn TV.


100% me. First season was so good. Couldn’t get into S2

I really like Westworld. It’s extremely well done and plays with philosophical concepts that are extremely relevant to our future. Great storytelling.

The Old Man
Flea Bag
The Wire
Killing Eve
There’s LOTR and GOT shows

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That’s some pretty, pretty good news.

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