TV show thread (2022-?)

Didn’t know there was one - just finished season 1 in a couple of days.

Another season is also on the way. :tada::tada::partying_face::partying_face:


I just finished s2 last week. It’s awesome, but god damn some episodes were so hectic that I couldn’t sleep after watching it. Not in a terrified way, I was just peaking afterwards.


I’m no massive Tay Tay fan but the completion of Richie’s incredible arc with Love Story is one of the better TV moments I’ve seen.


The Gentleman (netflix) is decent up to episode 4, thanks to those who recommended it.


episode 5 summary:

i’ve only read the first book, have got the other two, just haven’t started yet. seems like ep5 is the end of book 1 so i’m not sure whether to keep watching, or pause to read dark forest first. what do you reckon?

@AVanderScreamer asking you as well


Fishes. FMD.


I always err on the side of reading the source material first before watching the TV adaptation.

Given the departures they’ve made for this one though it’s probably safe to finish the series

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Yep that was the one :joy:

I had nightmares.

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I would read the second book before finishing the tv show. Season one ends about about a 3rd of the way into the 2nd book.

You will get more thrill from having it unfold in the book than on tv.


Season finale of death in paradise. :cry:

Finished the Gentlemen. Just so much fun.


First episode of new taskmaster season. Pretty meh, the live task felt like a task they would of done during covid

Joanna is already really annoying me

I’m only up to Season 15 episode 3, and two of them very clearly did not THROW a shoe onto the caravan roof.

HTF did that one get through, given the extended debate about what throwing meant for the earlier task?


I would just skip season 15 completely, rubbish tasks and rubbish contestants.

Season 16 is up there with the best tasks and best contestants

Albo makes a cameo!


so, so meh.

I want my minutes back.

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Watched 4 eps of 3BP, but then switched to The Gentlemen after reading recommendations on here - loving it!
Only 2 eps left…will be back to 3BP on the weekend I guess

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Watched 3 Body Problem - found that I just had to watch it to see how things played out, but could only manage one episode per night.
The way it ended it looks as if there’ll be a second season.
I would say that overall I enjoyed it.
(Also watched The Gentlemen and like others, I enjoyed that).

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just watched The Greatest Night In Pop, a documentary about the making of “We Are The World”. Found it really interesting. It covers the writing of the song, how the participants were gathered, and has some great interviews with some of them. On Netflix, goes for about 90 minutes.