TV show thread (2022-?)




Greens or Blacks?

Read the book years ago and I know it ended [SPOILER] I won’t give anything away, you need to read the book or watch it.

Regardless, too many Aegons.

Not really fussed and I don’t know what will happen as I haven’t read the books.

I just want DRAGON CARNAGE!!


Maestro in Blue season 2 is starting 5am tomorrow. :tada:

I watched the first episode of Alice and Jack on Foxtel last night. Stars Domhnaill Gleeson (one of Brendan’s lads) and Andrea Riseborough having an on/off again relationship. It was interesting but I can see myself dumping it at some point.

And the first episode of Heridas (Wounds) on SBS. Adriana Ugarte (Hache, Julieta, El Tiempo Entre Costuras) is an ornithologist down on the Andalusian wetlands who gets involved with a little abused girl. Mother is with a POS. Not sure I can watch any more as you know it’s going to be sad. 13-parter I think.

FWAW is a hard watch. They keep on covering up their goodies with centre peices of flowers n ■■■■.

Steven Moffatt returned to write a Doctor Who episode, and blew everything else out of the water.