TV show thread (2022-?)

has anyone else watched it watching top boy.
new season out has 6 eps out I hope theres more. I’m 3 in and this is the final series. hands down the best drugs / crime series I’ve ever seen

Season 4 of Atlanta has finally dropped on Netflix, an exact year after it came out on FX. Going by IMDB ratings, it looks like it stays strong till the end.

Currently binge watching Mr Inbetween.

Very enjoyable. I love that there is a simplicity about the show. The story line doesn’t require a Breaking Bad (or similar) level of investment to make sense, but it is still very engaging.


Not a TV series, but does anyone else have to constantly rewatch episodes because they fall asleep? I only watch TV in the evening, and I swear it takes me ages to finish series :grimacing:


Quite often, and usually shows I’m enjoying. Only for a few minutes, but sometimes more than once during an episode. That’s when I give up and wait til another night or the weekend.

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Just finished Season 1 of Dark Winds on SBSOD. Enjoyed it. Murder mystery & robbery investigation set on Navajo lands.

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I have given up on most series, as l don’t want to commit the time to them. Something similar happens though when l am reading a book in bed. I slip in and out of doze mode and finally after l have read the same passage/page 5 - 6 times know l am not going to get any further, put it down and turn the lights off. My wife does something a little similar sometimes, only with her phone. I will come into the room and something will be playing on her phone, even though she is asleep with the phone still in her hand. If l try to remove the phone and put it on the bedside table she almost invariably wakes up and grumbles at me.


Dear Child, was a really enjoyable thriller on NETFLIX, watched the first episode in bed last night and ended up watching the whole series, dog tired today!

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I actually find it easier to watch series rather than films at home.

I don’t suffer from falling asleep during watching though. If I’m not enjoying something, I either wipe it, or pause it to finish later.

I tend to stay up till midnight and do the new Wordle, and if whatever I’m watching finishes, I hit live sport or Youtube for a bit of Countdown number quizzes or Mock the Week or one of the multiple language series like Linguriosa, QROO Paul, Learn German or Français avec Nelly.

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Two Netflix shows I’ve watched recently

One Piece was a lot of fun. I thought it was well-acted, cheesy, bright and colorful. I’m not familiar with the source materials but Frau Sniggles is familiar with both the anime and the manga, and she enjoyed it thoroughly.

Love, Death and Robots is an odd one. I’m about halfway through the first season, most episodes run between 10 and 20 minutes so it’s easily digested. Sometimes it’s Black Mirror, sometimes it’s Futurama. When the Yoghurt Took Over is a hilarious little piece, while Beyond the Aquila Rift borrows a lot from Black Mirror and space sci-fi.


I usually read when I wake up on my days off, or sometimes during the day. That way I can take more in.

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Watched to the end. It actually got worse after 3 episodes. The last episode was a train wreck.

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Winning Time not renewed and finishes at a perfect time…… for Celtics fans

Unfortunately I couldn’t stop watching despite how poor it was