TV show thread (2022-?)

Luke Arnold underrated. Great turn as Long John Silver in Black Sails.

Currently watching season 2 of Shining Vale, absolutely bonkers and very funny if you like a bit of loose, supernatural tinged absurdity. Great cast - Greg Kinnear, Mira Sorvino, Courtney Arquette - and developed by the talented Brit Sharon Hogarth

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Just watched the Robbie Williams doco short series on Netflix.
I’m a bit of a fan, so I’m probably a bit biased, but it was good.
Brutal. Honest.
There’s one particular scene that is particularly harrowing and gives Prince/Michael Jackson touring vibes.
Somehow the evil doctor still isn’t as big a villain as the British media…


Lucy Beaumont is my favourite on the current series of Taskmaster. She’s brilliantly nutty.


You’d need to be to marry Jon Richardson.


finally got onto severance , and now ted lasso. lol only a few years late .
I could never get apple tv to work on my tv and refused to buy their box.
I have apple tv app on Hisense tv but doesn’t work. finally got it to work on newer chrome cast.
got to say the content on apple tv looks pretty slick

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Not as much available as Netflix etc but usually of a high standard.
We’ve watched …& enjoyed…
Both shows you mentioned (Ted L is one of my all time favourites)
Slow Horses ( new series coming very soon)
Morning Wars
Bad Sisters
Flora & son
Blackbird (not sure if ‘enjoyed’ is the right description but it’s good)
The Last Thing He Told Me
& probably some others I’ve forgotten.


I’d add Foundation is worth a watch if you haven’t already.

Bit of a “slow burn” early and took me a while to get into it, but the 2nd season was a pretty big improvement for me


Started watching 2 shows recently.

Its good(not great), it has picked up since Kelsey Grammer joined(Frasier Crane is in my top 10 tv characters of all time). The whole Sam/Diane thing is getting very tiresome tbh. Coach was great and Cliff is my favorite character. I wouldn’t class it as an out an out comedy. It does have some really touching moments at times.

Only 2 episodes in, but I’m loving it so far. Really good murder mystery with some twists and turns

Shetland Series 8 I assume, BBC First. I’m reserving judgement for a few more episodes. Not fair to others to comment further!

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I think its the first season. I got it on dvd ages ago. First episode was about an elderley lady who was shot dead at her home- just next to a dig site

I started on Shetland a couple of days ago…I’ve seen 4 episodes - 2 storylines.

Finished Scrublands tonight. It’s a while since I read the book, but the only thing I’ve really noticed is the female lead is named Mandy Bond, not the Mandy Blonde in the books. I’ve never heard of anyone called Blonde. Well worth a squiz.

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No problem leaving comments just make sure you use the spoiler function. Some of us won’t start watching until most of the eps have dropped.

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The next instalment of Fargo (S5) commences tomorrow night on SBS and presumably On Demand with a double episode.

The time period moves forward to 2019 Minnesota.

While this series has been somewhat uneven the reviews I’ve seen rate this new season the equal of the brilliant S1. If that’s even half true definitely not to be missed.


S1 & 2 have multiple stories. From S3 onwards it reverts to a single story per season.

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I just realised I never even tried S4 after the lukewarm reviews it had. Loved all the first three seasons though, 1 and 2 especially. Thanks for the heads up.

I thought series 3 and 4 were pretentious tosh.


Calling Tosh pretentious is a bit of a stretch. I’m beginning to suspect you didn’t watch The Bill at all @Alan_Noonan_10 .

I know S4 had a bad rap but I found plenty to like about it. S3 on the other hand was quite a slog.

My memory must be being kind to S3, I remember thinking it was a step down in quality.

The old Tosh had a few skeletons in his closet, I believe. Died early due to his love of a beer, but there were other unpleasant rumours.

There was the woman senior officer with the popping eyes, the collation guy who could bore for England (and there’s hot competition there), the sergeant who got sprung drink driving.

There were 3 ABC shows i’d tape every Saturday…The Bill, Clive James and The Late Show (that I’d watch on Sunday - hangover permitting).