TV show thread (2022-?)

I thought he crapped in it as well. He sat on it at one point…I assumed he was logging off.

Not like Terry Gilliam in the crunchy frog sketch.

Is the flight footage all CGI? I just can’t take that stuff seriously.

Not every film is Last Year in Marienbad, where there’s little near for war action…or any movement at all.

What it lacks by using CGI it makes up for in historical accuracy. The way the planes are hit and smashed is meant to be extremely accurate.

Nah, some aircrew used to sit on their helmets as they wanted to protect their undercarriage and reasoned that it was more likely that being hit in the head would be fatal anyway. The run-in to the target was often when they went through the most flak and the fighters wouldn’t attack them at that point, so they felt the most vulnerable from underneath.

Last Year at Marienbad is the most boring film I have ever seen.

Ahhh, yes.

It’s up there.

Casting my mind back fondly to my cinema studies days, I recall that Marienbad pioneered the movement of a camera through walls. If that’s not movement, WOT IS?

This is very good. It is surprising how it largely managed to escape the UK public’s attention until this aired in January…and unleashed a fair furore - worth googling the fallout after you’ve seen the series.

Unfortunately 7 is airing it as 2x2hrs so you’ll probably either need to use catch-up or a PVR.


watched series one of Loudermilk on netflix.

didnt mind it easily watchable.

had guy off show where he got paper early. (early edition)

is loosely about counselling for drug and alcohol.


season 2 of halo dropping on paramount

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Depends what’s on the other side of the wall. Which turned out to be just as boring as what was on this side of the wall.

In Antonioni’s The Passenger (starring a young Jack Nicholson), the camera went through a barred window in the final scene, and stayed outside while something happened inside the room. Very good film, outstanding scene.

I love The Passenger.

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I recall scenes from LYAM even now, it’s a haunting film in some respects, the house and gardens are the main characters, the muffled voices of people are ghosts murmurings. That’s how I experienced it but I was young. I found Oppenheimer extremely tedious

The new Grand Tour special was fantastic.One of the best ones they have ever done, and that’s including the top gear specials

The length of that train😳


Late to the party but streamed Reacher series 2.

Great popcorn telly!

I might go back at watch series 1

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Season 1 is substantially better than season 2. Plus it doesn’t have the dumbest scene ever put the film in its finale like season 2 does.

yeah gave up on season 2 and just background noise watched it.

Season 1 of Reacher is a legit TV show.

Season 2 is… well, they went in a different direction, let’s say that.