TV show thread

I hope so too. Maybe full sci fi is a bit too strong an assessment, but there is a scene directly before the opening title which is pretty explicit about where th show might be going.

I actually think for this season we should do a seperate spoilers thread for discussion.


I’m not too fussed if it goes all ‘Sci fi,’ as long as you can follow an episode without trawling through reddit looking for the three people on earth who understood it.

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Not understanding it is what makes it so good. Understanding things is booooooooring

Oh I agree… To a point.

I’m thinking I might watch all of series 2 over again before diving into the 3rd.

Don’t do that. The first ep of the third is absolutely stunning.

[spoiler]Great episode - better than any of the entire last season. What wasn’t to like? It was funny,Portia Doubleday is still stunning, and it contained easily the best Daft Punk song ever (and probably the best song of this decade, IMO).

Looks like we are headed for full time travel / alternative dimensions mode. Right? right? And can someone please just explain to me the significance of the lights going on and off?

Love this show.[/spoiler]

There was certainly enough people watching last year for a spoilers thread, start it up Mr McGahan.

  • I haven’t seen it yet, will watch after work.

Good recommendation, Mrs Peos and I binged this over the weekend. (I picked the twist really early though, but it’s probably because I knew there was a twist.)

Absolutely cracking writing, and Kristen Bell’s comic timing is brilliant.


Jianyu is the best.


I love Stranger Things can’t wait for season 2

Me too. Don’t have Netflix any more, think I will have to rejoin just the watch.

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I’ve only watched a few episodes, but, Mindhunter (on Netflix) is pretty good so far.

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Curb has underwhelmed me so far this season unfortunately.

■■■ YES

I genuinely liked the first 2 episodes of this season, 3rd one asaide from salmon rushdie cameo was awful

I thought the first one was good. Second down a level and 3rd down another.

One mate who watches it with me was like you and liked the first two.

One mate didn’t like all 3 and thinks it has jumped the shark.

I will watch every Ep when it comes out, no matter what. Got that much faith in Larry that it will go up a few notches.

Anyone watching Star Trek Discovery? Surprisingly very good so far.

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Yep, quite dark really. Very enjoyable and the quality is quite high.

Want to (like sci-fi) and don’t want to (don’t like bad sci-fi)…

I’ll give it a look though

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