TV show thread


As has Series 3 of Better Call Saul.


Is it on any streaming services AN?


And season 3 of The Leftovers is out soon too.

It's quality TV everywhere.


I don't do streaming. I download from torrents and watch on AppleTV.


Seven Types of Ambiguity - decent


Sneaky Pete season one ended up. very good show IM was quite manic at the end


Most of the way through season 1 of Stranger Things. Holy crap this show is fantastic.

Also, The Expanse. Great show. Amazing space scenes.


I really enjoyed this show. Didn't know anything about it, just picked it to watch one night and was glad I did.


I was only told that if you grew up in the 80s and were a Steven King fan you'd love it. They get the period setting perfect.


If you dig the Stephen King/ET pastiche sort of thing they did with Stranger Things, a Canadian thing called Creepy Pasta "Candle Cove" might be worth your while.

In another realm, if you like Wes Anderson and a bit of the Coen Brothers (Fargo new season), have a look at genuinely odd show called Patriot. Lead is an Australian actor, beautifully made, slow but occasionally really funny, mostly set in Luxembourg. I'm loving it, can see the knocks but don't care.


Loved both. Reckon Expanse is great


Great show. Was pretty disappointed when a certain central character seemingly died but perhaps he isn't dead.


Reckon he will pop up again


Just finished 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. Good show but very heavy going. The two young leads act the house down, would expect to see them more frequently over the next many years.


Last 2 episodes of better call saul have been excellent


Master of None is great TV. A light hearted comedy that does meaningful episodes


Got to pick a day to get through Master of None Series 2, Series 1 was great

Silicon Valley is back and its ■■■■■■ great


Hello White People .....some say controversial others tell you like it is!


American gods is out there.