TV show thread


The Leftovers is coming home strong... And weird.

Third season was filmed here in Melbourne, and I must say that the city looks pimp on HBO.

Plus... Orgy on the Spirit of Tasmania, yeah that's normal.


A couple people have said that it is starting to enter the Breaking Bad level of great TV. Is this true?


Its pretty damn good, but in its own way.

The pace is very, very slow, but the pay-offs are very satisfying.


BB was like that.

Are they going to do a series on Gus in the future?


It's even slower than BB.

Gus is in this season


It's very high quality the last 3 Eps now are outdoing each other. The seasons are way too short at the moment. Annoyingly short


And it is brilliant.


The Blacklist.. things getting interesting.


Just finished Hannibal.

Man those last few eps felt rushed, now that I think about it all season 3 felt rushed. It's as if they had a 4th season planned but the show got a tap on the shoulder mid way through season 3.

First 2 season are the most twisted and brilliant TV I've ever seen though


It isnt as frantic and unpredictable yet as the other 2 series, but in a slightly different way is still great


I finished a second run through of The Wire. Might be an unpopular opinion but I think season 4 is the best.


I think season four being the best is actually the general consensus?

I liked season two best, so I'm way more alternative


Season 5 of HOC drops early next week. Hope it's going to be good, but I've got a bad feeling, given the last season was pretty average


Ah k i always thought people hated it. Season 2 was awesome as well.


season3 bloodline is on!


Watched Ep 1 of Ray Donovan last night. Intriguing.

Excited to get my teeth into it.

Anyone else like it? Rate it?


I hated the Jon Voight character so much I couldn't watch more than about 3 episodes.


The Leftovers is spectacular.


Is designated survivor any Good?


It's not going to win any Emmys for outstanding achievement, but it's very, very watchable.