TV show thread


I'm with you there, although managed to get through the first series.


Yeah, he gave me the tom tit's too but I persisted, even though the plot line with him became so unbelievable.

I fkn hate when that happens, especially when the rest of the show is reasonably believable, so I fell off it after season 2, .. but I've been meaning to get back to it & will soon.


House of Cards is back, as strong as ever.

Frank Underwood has to be right up there as one of the most unlikeable protagonists in TV history.


Are the story threads accurately coherent overall though? To churn through 3 showrunners in the first season is unheard of...and with the renewal they'll now be onto their 4th.


Surprisingly yes, all things considered. It's funny, you can see the changes of direction in the story through out the season, but it kind of works in its favour. (e.g some story lines were flat and boring, then suddenly, they are gone.)

It's cheesy, it's hacky, the direction and acting probably take itself far too seriously... But for some reason (probably Keifer) it's really quite intriguing. Plus, you get to see some of the all time funniest 'group reactions' from a bunch of extras in TV history.


I really enjoy the first season - I think as you point out Keifer was a big reason for that. The finale was interesting in that it wasn't really a true cliffhanger, which I actually enjoyed.

Might have to go back looking for th 'group reactions' - clearly didn't pick them up first time around.


Pretty much any time Kiefer gives a profound speech, the press core / congress / gathered crowd just start nodding uncontrollably in agreement.


I'm just impressed that they managed to be more audacious than S1. Unfortunately it would seem that we're unlikely to see a third season for a long time, if ever.

In the same genre, hopefully Glover and co. can build on a strong first season of Atlanta whenever that comes back later in the year.


For those who enjoyed 7 Days in Hell, they've filmed a sequel about a fictional Tour de France where everyone is on drugs..


What's so fictional about that?


Fictional should be in italics


First ep was really good.


Unlikeable but you find yourself barracking for him.


They should have finished House of Cards like they did the English series. First two series had comparable storylines. But if finished after 3.


I was just about to hit the fartsack when I saw the box set of Band of Brothers was on. Episode 3...2-7 days after D-Day.


The phenomenal Season 3 of Line of Duty hits FTA screens starting Friday June 16th, 9:20pm on ABC.

13th Street will begin the 4th season, a few weeks later, Wednesday June 28th at 8:30pm


Season 3 is absolutely sensational. One of the best police series I've ever seen. Stunning, from beginning to end. I'd give it 11 out of 10. Seasons 1 and 2 were good, but this is great. Might help to at least watch Season 2 before Season 3. They are connected, unlike Season 1, with Keeley Hawes's character being pivotal..


Just finished the season. Thought overall it was pretty rubbish.


Finished it last night, and overall it was pretty enjoyable. It's never not fun to watch Frank and Claire in full super villain / crush everybody mode.

Having said that, the whole 'bring in a minor character for a while, have them do very little, and then have the killed' plot device is getting really fkn dull. Tom Yates in particular was such a fkn drag.

Also, how did Veep manage to explain the 12th Amendment better than HoC, without one of the most exposition-y monologues I've ever seen?


Did anybody persist with "Sneaky Pete" after S01E04?