TV show thread


Ronny Chieng - International Student for some good dumb fun.


Excellent show IMO, the last few episodes were manic


Just watching ep 8 of Fargo series 3.

And Satan from Reaper has just turned up, and it looks like a similar role until he pulls a ginger kitten out of his bag and gives it to Nicky Swango.


I can't bring myself to watch that episode of the Hamish and Andy thing where the fat kid cracks a fat during surf life saving race. Some things are just too unbearably cringeworthy to contemplate or hear about


Anyone watching the Keepers?


Thoughts on the Leftovers finale Peos?


Last season of The Leftovers was a pile of crap.

First season was amazing.

Second season headed towards Lost pile of rubbish territory.

Third season was a total ■■■■■ the bed - worse than Lost ever was - in a league of it's own territory.

As soon as Australia was involved, everyone should have foreseen the abomination that was about to occur.


I was a bit unsure at first, but after I let it settle in I was pretty happy with it. I really liked the third season overall, and the second last episode was one of my favourite's for the whole series. (Potentially the greatest d*ck joke of all time?)

Spectacular television show, deserves it place among the greats.


Wow, the second season was close to the most flawless season of TV I've ever seen.

I'd have season 3 just behind it, and season 1 coming in third.

Each to their own I guess.


Halfway through season 2 of Better Call Saul, slow burn but it's good. I wonder if I would have given it this much time though if it weren't for Breaking Bad?


American gods is top shelf


It'll be like Breaking Bad where it took ages to get off the ground and then it is just amazing.


Yeah that's what I'm hoping for. However in BB, it took off when Saul and Mike came in so I hope there is someone from BB who comes in and it takes off. I know one main character who comes in later on, hope that kicks it off.

Will they do another spin-off and do one with Gus?


Get to Season 3 :slight_smile:


Up to the forth ep. Extremely disturbing and just... sickening really. The two women that are investigating reminds me that humanity isn't lost yet, hero's in their own right but you really have to wonder about a society and those in power that can turn a blind eye to things like this. It brings out the vigilante in me...pitchfork and flaming torch style.


No idea if they'll do one with Gus as the lead but I know one thing for certain.

If they did.

I would watch it.


Dramatic Pauses: The adventures of Chicken Man


Season 2 of The Expanse is up on torrent sites


I'm on the last Episode.
The first few episodes drag a little, but because of the way the story is told with the consequences known, it's easier to stick with it.
And it sure is worth sticking with.

Some great acting in this series.

Edit. Just found out the lead actress Katherine Langford is Australian.


I was referring to sneaky pete